What Difference the Right Torch Makes: the Sun May Go Down, but Not Necessarily the Light

For every normal human being, the day does not just end once the sun goes down and darkness takes over. On the contrary, in winter time the night is quite long, which means you should be equipped with your own source of light wherever you decide to go. Be it strolling around the park with your friends at night or walking your dog – your safety has to come first! Therefore, carrying a torch with you is the least you could do to ensure your peace of mind. Let’s get to work and find the most suitable piece for you among the wide variety of types of torches. Continue reading

Build Cities and Leave your Imprints: What to Do to Have a Career in Building and Construction

Isn’t it amazing how little by little people have achieved a lot? Just looking around you you’d see everything created by the minds and hands of people over the centuries. All it takes is having the vision, the idea that would make you interested in bringing it into fruition and complete it to make it useful to others. Such is the case with buildings, houses and constructions of all kind around us. Starting out by living on trees and in caves, people have constantly been improving their living conditions, using up mother nature to build houses of wood, reeds, clay, brick, creating marvellous detailed architecture over the Renaissance and Baroque, changing from opulence to the simplicity of modern day homes.British Columbia Parliament Buildings, Victoria, Canada Continue reading

The Essence of Electricity: What to Do when Caravanning

Growing up in a family that always stressed out the importance of spending as much time outdoors as possible, I have learnt how to be nature’s friend. There’s nothing else that can make me feel so rejuvenated and full of energy as the time of the day I spend just breathing in the fresh air outside. Mind you, it’s not that mix of air of vehicles and factories of cities I’m talking about, but the one away from all the hustle and bustle where you can only hear birds chirping and have a starry night show performed just for your own pleasure.

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What Makes Recliners Ooze with Authority


Quick pop quiz – What’s the most iconic piece of furniture seen on TV shows, most commonly used by the cheeky elderly person? You guessed it, it’s the recliner chair. Have you ever wondered why it’s the old guy always sitting in it, dropping cheesy punchlines every time someone else says something? It’s really simple, he’s the authority in the house. Moreover, have you ever wondered why it’s precisely in the recliner he’s sitting on, and not on the sofa? Simply because it’s the most comfortable piece of furniture that exists.

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Wave Goodbye to Expensive Organic Food


Let’s get some facts straight: eating healthy doesn’t mean you’re some unique freak who wants to show off and talk about the benefits of fruits and veggies. I really can’t understand why people these days are so divided on the topic of organic food: either you like it or you don’t, there’s no need for further philosophies. Everyone can eat whatever they want, at least we’re free to choose our own food. I really believe people should follow the needs and desires of their body, mind and soul and that way choose the best source of energy for themselves. For some it may be whole grains, salads or seeds and for others chocolate, hamburgers or french fries, but whatever you choose, make sure it gives you butterflies in the stomach. Continue reading

Pelican Case: Make Sure Your Gear Makes It to Your Next Destination Intact

The dream of every musician and professional photographer is to share their art globally while also being able to learn new things and embrace the different cultures of the visited places. In other words, traveling while doing what you love, (in this case performing at concerts or having art displays) is a dream come true and a great accomplishment for people working in these industries.


However, as much as traveling can be fun and exciting, having to drag all of your professional equipment such as an expensive camera, lenses, flashes and similar, can be quite the hassle. To keep these problems to a minimum, you should consider investing in a quality air case that meets ATA standards and has all the right features to protect your equipment. Continue reading

A Career in Economics: What You Need to Learn About Mortgage Brokering

Today, as the career opportunities we can choose from are practically endless, many people find it hard to decide in which field they want to specialize, let alone the exact branch. But since you are here, I believe that it’s safe to assume that you are not one of them. You have probably already made up your mind – a career in economics shall be pursued. However, the field of economics is a vast ocean of options, which is why I intend to help you narrow down your choice to one – mortgage brokering. Continue reading

The Healthy Sugar Alternative: What to Know About Erythritol

It’s not an exaggeration to say the debate on saturated fats and refined sugars as to deciding which weighs more towards danger can be compared with the age old “chicken or egg” question. The decade long studies have shown that, though saturated fats can be bad to some degree if consumed frequently, it’s in fact sugar  that’s the real danger. It’s impossible not to love sugar because we are brought up in societies with sweets and soda drinks available all around, also partly blaming it on the Duchess of Bedford for setting the afternoon tea tradition in 1840 as a daily occasion for savouring the tastes of mouthwatering sugary snacks along with dainty sandwiches. Having refined taste buds and giving them the pleasure of indulging in the addicting taste of sugar is something not to be taken lightly.

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Portable Infrared Sauna: What’s Finland Got to Do with Them?


The one thing that makes our planet so special in the vast universe is the presence of water. It covers around 70% of Earth and without it, life would not be possible. Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom bond together to form the water molecule and even though water seems boring since it has no colour, taste, or smell, it has amazing properties that are essential for every living thing on out planet.

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What to Do if Your Kid’s Insisting on Ears Piercings

Ear piercing kids source: bloghappens

Ear piercings are a popular way of making a fashion statement and are very common among teenagers, young adults and rebellious spirited people. They wear all sorts of cool ear piercings, such as daith piercing, rook piercing and industrial piercing, and they immediately look more stylish and classy. As a consequence, many kids want to get unusual and unique ear piercings too. While many parents think that getting their babies and kids punctured at a young age is normal, I personally disagree and don’t like seeing young children with pierced ears.

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What Parts to Get to Keep Your Motorcycle in Prime Shape

For most people, motorcycles are not a necessity, they see them as a luxury. But for me, it’s a must-have in my life, and since you’re reading this article, it’s probably for you as well. So when you’re limited on money, buying a motorcycle at any price range is an investment that should be taken seriously. I know I probably can’t afford multiple motorcycles, and you probably can’t too, so I wanted to make sure the one I got was really worthy my money.

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What Can One Learn from Experienced Campers

Being raised by nature lovers, I’ve always been fond of greenery and all kinds of activities that allow me to escape the four walled cage – my apartment. For me, camping is the best way to bond with my native roots once again since it’s all about having fun and being relaxed around loved ones, soaking up some fresh air, sunshine and green life.

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Your Pick up Lines Fail? Here’s What to Do

pick up line

Pick up lines is the term used to describe the first sentences or one-liners that many guys use to start a conversation and express how they feel towards girls. Despite being considered as a popular and cool way to approach girls by many guys, using pick up lines to make your first impression is one of the worst mistakes you could possible make. While you may think you’re being a confident, funny and interesting guy, you’re actually being lame, ridiculous and obviously, not-original.

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Exploring Australian Underwater Worlds: What Freediving Gear to Buy?

Oceans have always been something full of wonder and mystery. They cover nearly three quarters of our planet and unveiling all their secrets to this day is a mission impossible. The diversity of major groups of animals that live in the oceans by far outnumber the major groups of animals that live on land (28-11). The water surrounding Australia is a homes to some of the most popular diving sites in the world – Fish Rock Cave, The Wreck of the SS Yongala, Rye Pier, Osprey Reef – all a sight to see if given the opportunity. Continue reading

What to Consider When Buying Camera Lenses

What a lot of people who aren’t very invested into photography frequently underestimate is the importance of lenses. However, every professional photographer aims to add as many lenses to his arsenal as humanly possible. Lenses have the power to make or break a picture. They control the picture that’s projected onto your imaging sensor and are the ultimate deciders of what kind of photos you’ll have. That being said, most photographers would rather shoot with an average camera and great lens, than a great camera with no lens.

Before you buy camera lenses there is a number of things you have to consider. Looking at the specs of a lens will leave you riddled by the amount of letters and numbers written. Luckily though, you can safely ignore some of them, and focus on just a couple – focal length, image stabilization, aperture, format and lens mount. Continue reading

How Can an Exhaust System Boost Your Car’s Performance

Exhaust Types

Once you’ve purchased a new truck or a car, you might not be aware that there is plenty of room left for you to improve the power of your vehicle. The easiest way to improve the power of your vehicle without throwing too much money away is with a great car exhaust system. With an exhaust system, you can improve the efficiency, which in turn increases the power. This doesn’t mean that the vehicle you bought isn’t good enough, it’s just that manufacturers usually opt for the cheapest way to make the cars they offer. That means it’s up to you to up our car’s game. Continue reading

The Many Eurekas That Led to the Pump Industry of Today


Remember that crazy old dude from ancient Greece that jumped out of his bathtub and ran around naked yelling “eureka!” ? Maybe you’ve heard about him saying crazy stuff like moving the world with a big stick, or read an article about his weapons like the flamethrower and his death-ray. OK, death-rays in ancient Greece? That’s just too much. Well, the name of that crazy ancient Greek dude was Archimedes and considering all his contributions to maths, physics, astronomy, and engineering, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that he did actually invent a death-ray. Continue reading

Urban Gardening: What to Look for When Landscaping Your Yard

I like to think of creativity as a superpower every human being is born with, one that activates whenever we discover a chance to rebel against decay by giving birth to something full of beauty and life. When it comes to honoring Mother Nature and life itself, I believe that there is no simpler and more pleasing way to do that than turning our outdoor space into a friendly home for as many plants and greenery as we can afford and take proper care of.

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Buying the Right Kids Kick Scooter: What You Need to Focus on

It seems like it was only yesterday when my twins (a boy and girl at the age of five) learned to stand on their own feet and took their first steps (a long exhalation of reminiscence), well, time sure flies. Last month, when we were taking a walk in the park, they saw some kids at their age (maybe a year older) riding scooters. I carefully watched my two babies and caught a glimpse of the joy in their eyes, the desire to have one was written all over their faces. Their eyes were eagerly following every move those other kids were making, so felt an urgent need to tell them “Next Saturday each of you will have one of your own”. It was a decision in the spur of the moment but I cannot bare to see them disappointed.

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