Beyond Lugging: Yoga Mat Holder Can Provide Help on Support, Alignment and Posture

Find your centre… find the meaning… Yoga your way to tranquility!

A lot of people think that yoga is about flexibility, however, the true purpose of yoga is to fortify the body and spine in all possible directions while joining the body, spirit and mind. If you are new to yoga and are looking for functional ways to enhance every pose, the best way to go is by equipping yourself with all necessary yoga props. One of the most important items that can transform your yoga performance is the yoga mat holder. Yoga holders are either made from nylon or cotton. Their main function is to allow you to join your limbs that you could not reach on your own. The main reason they were created was to hold your yoga mat, but after many years of experience, practitioners discovered that a yoga mat holder can also be used to enhance many different poses.

Yoga Mat Holder

Usually, when you practice yoga, you start from the sitting position. Then, you move on to a dozen of other poses, such as the hamstring stretch and a yoga belt can be used to strap the feet and you will be able to pull the belt. The arms are in straight position and the pelvis is tilted forward, putting you in a position that is aligned with the hamstrings. It is not the usual position, however, it does the job right. The shoulders are relaxed, keeping your back in upright position and the shoulder aligned with the back.

If you want to bring more dynamics into the practice, a yoga belt can be used as bind. When you try to join the hands together at the back they may fall too short, however, with the help of a yoga belt, you can achieve that easily. You should use the strap each time you practice, allowing the hands to come together, thus opening the chest and relaxing the hip.

The extension of the yoga strap is so great that it can even extend up till the big toe. Just loop the strap around the foot, take the strap closer to the foot as much as you can and keep your body straight and your arms in alignment with it. You can now start breathing slowly with exponential breathing incremental.

On the market there are dozens of yoga belts, however, buying branded and durable will prove as a good investment, because it will last for years, will help you become better in this practice and look stylish with your mat.

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