The Healthy Sugar Alternative: What to Know About Erythritol

It’s not an exaggeration to say the debate on saturated fats and refined sugars as to deciding which weighs more towards danger can be compared with the age old “chicken or egg” question. The decade long studies have shown that, though saturated fats can be bad to some degree if consumed frequently, it’s in fact sugar  that’s the real danger. It’s impossible not to love sugar because we are brought up in societies with sweets and soda drinks available all around, also partly blaming it on the Duchess of Bedford for setting the afternoon tea tradition in 1840 as a daily occasion for savouring the tastes of mouthwatering sugary snacks along with dainty sandwiches. Having refined taste buds and giving them the pleasure of indulging in the addicting taste of sugar is something not to be taken lightly.

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Portable Infrared Sauna: What’s Finland Got to Do with Them?


The one thing that makes our planet so special in the vast universe is the presence of water. It covers around 70% of Earth and without it, life would not be possible. Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom bond together to form the water molecule and even though water seems boring since it has no colour, taste, or smell, it has amazing properties that are essential for every living thing on out planet.

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What to Do if Your Kid’s Insisting on Ears Piercings

Ear piercing kids source: bloghappens

Ear piercings are a popular way of making a fashion statement and are very common among teenagers, young adults and rebellious spirited people. They wear all sorts of cool ear piercings, such as daith piercing, rook piercing and industrial piercing, and they immediately look more stylish and classy. As a consequence, many kids want to get unusual and unique ear piercings too. While many parents think that getting their babies and kids punctured at a young age is normal, I personally disagree and don’t like seeing young children with pierced ears.

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What Parts to Get to Keep Your Motorcycle in Prime Shape

For most people, motorcycles are not a necessity, they see them as a luxury. But for me, it’s a must-have in my life, and since you’re reading this article, it’s probably for you as well. So when you’re limited on money, buying a motorcycle at any price range is an investment that should be taken seriously. I know I probably can’t afford multiple motorcycles, and you probably can’t too, so I wanted to make sure the one I got was really worthy my money.

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What Can One Learn from Experienced Campers

Being raised by nature lovers, I’ve always been fond of greenery and all kinds of activities that allow me to escape the four walled cage – my apartment. For me, camping is the best way to bond with my native roots once again since it’s all about having fun and being relaxed around loved ones, soaking up some fresh air, sunshine and green life.

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Exploring Australian Underwater Worlds: What Freediving Gear to Buy?

Oceans have always been something full of wonder and mystery. They cover nearly three quarters of our planet and unveiling all their secrets to this day is a mission impossible. The diversity of major groups of animals that live in the oceans by far outnumber the major groups of animals that live on land (28-11). The water surrounding Australia is a homes to some of the most popular diving sites in the world – Fish Rock Cave, The Wreck of the SS Yongala, Rye Pier, Osprey Reef – all a sight to see if given the opportunity. Continue reading

What to Consider When Buying Camera Lenses

What a lot of people who aren’t very invested into photography frequently underestimate is the importance of lenses. However, every professional photographer aims to add as many lenses to his arsenal as humanly possible. Lenses have the power to make or break a picture. They control the picture that’s projected onto your imaging sensor and are the ultimate deciders of what kind of photos you’ll have. That being said, most photographers would rather shoot with an average camera and great lens, than a great camera with no lens.

Before you buy camera lenses there is a number of things you have to consider. Looking at the specs of a lens will leave you riddled by the amount of letters and numbers written. Luckily though, you can safely ignore some of them, and focus on just a couple – focal length, image stabilization, aperture, format and lens mount. Continue reading

How Can an Exhaust System Boost Your Car’s Performance

Exhaust Types

Once you’ve purchased a new truck or a car, you might not be aware that there is plenty of room left for you to improve the power of your vehicle. The easiest way to improve the power of your vehicle without throwing too much money away is with a great car exhaust system. With an exhaust system, you can improve the efficiency, which in turn increases the power. This doesn’t mean that the vehicle you bought isn’t good enough, it’s just that manufacturers usually opt for the cheapest way to make the cars they offer. That means it’s up to you to up our car’s game. Continue reading

The Many Eurekas That Led to the Pump Industry of Today


Remember that crazy old dude from ancient Greece that jumped out of his bathtub and ran around naked yelling “eureka!” ? Maybe you’ve heard about him saying crazy stuff like moving the world with a big stick, or read an article about his weapons like the flamethrower and his death-ray. OK, death-rays in ancient Greece? That’s just too much. Well, the name of that crazy ancient Greek dude was Archimedes and considering all his contributions to maths, physics, astronomy, and engineering, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that he did actually invent a death-ray. Continue reading

Urban Gardening: What to Look for When Landscaping Your Yard

I like to think of creativity as a superpower every human being is born with, one that activates whenever we discover a chance to rebel against decay by giving birth to something full of beauty and life. When it comes to honoring Mother Nature and life itself, I believe that there is no simpler and more pleasing way to do that than turning our outdoor space into a friendly home for as many plants and greenery as we can afford and take proper care of.

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Buying the Right Kids Kick Scooter: What You Need to Focus on

It seems like it was only yesterday when my twins (a boy and girl at the age of five) learned to stand on their own feet and took their first steps (a long exhalation of reminiscence), well, time sure flies. Last month, when we were taking a walk in the park, they saw some kids at their age (maybe a year older) riding scooters. I carefully watched my two babies and caught a glimpse of the joy in their eyes, the desire to have one was written all over their faces. Their eyes were eagerly following every move those other kids were making, so felt an urgent need to tell them “Next Saturday each of you will have one of your own”. It was a decision in the spur of the moment but I cannot bare to see them disappointed.

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Baby on the Way? See What The Wallpaper Designs of Today Can Convey

Good vibes are contagious, and luckily, we can express and spread them through our choice of décor. And the nursery is no doubt the right place to start creating an embodiment of positivity and why not even intellectuality. When babies arrive in this world, their minds are tabula rasa, but it doesn’t mean that the nursery should resemble the same notion. On the contrary, their brains soon evolve and turn into these knowledge soaking sponges and they start asking 400 questions a day and if you’re not prepared they’ll drive you insane (chuckles). Till that moment arrives, it is your job to stimulate your baby’s brain and one of the best ways to that is to rely on well chosen wallpaper designs for baby room.


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Fishing Tips Videos for Freshmen Fishermen: What to Consider and How to Perfect Skills

Fishing Tips Videos

There’s not a man or a woman on this planet that hasn’t felt fed up with life at one point or another and wished to find the perfect hobby to just relax and forget about the rest of the world for a little while. This is where fishing comes in handy. Even if you’ve never tried it before and you think it’s not exactly your cup of tea to begin with, you’d be surprised how much you’ll get to enjoy it eventually. What you have to remember is that practice does make perfect because the same referred to professional fishermen as well. They were beginners just like you and they had to have tons of preparations and training before they could make a living out of fishing. The more you fish, the more you’ll like it and as you’ll see, fishing can make you a better person. Continue reading

Camping Tents: What Features to Consider to Make the Best Pick

Every once in a while, me and my family like to take a trip to the woods and enjoy a night or two sleeping under the stars. It’s a day or two without technology, just pure family interaction and fun, playing outdoor games and hiking in the woods. However, on the last trip our tent broke down, as we’ve had it for quite a while, so it was time to buy a new one. I wanted my new camping tent to be better than the previous one, naturally, so I went online to take a look at all the available options of camping tents on the market.

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Why Do LED Work Lights Cause Such a Stir?

led work lights

We live in such a busy world where work takes up most of our time and deadlines have to be met regardless of the circumstances. In the past, no matter how late people had to work, they still had to mostly rely on the Sun’s light to see clearly and do the work accordingly. The only alternative they had was fire, and fire doesn’t quite cut it. Luckily, nowadays we have the means to take it an extra step and accomplish our work even in unfavourable conditions thanks to electricity. All the late night work can take a toll on the overall health of a person, especially on the eyes, and the reason for that is the unsuitable light.

No matter what it is you are doing and where it is taking place, the lighting you decide to go with will either make or break your productivity. For that reason, choosing the right LED work light is essential. Whether you are working in construction, or just doing some DIY stuff in your garage or back yard, you should have your space illuminated by a quality LED work light if you want to produce the best results.

LED lights are growing in popularity in the recent years, and for a good reason. They have amazing durability and require less energy, which ultimately leads to cutting costs on electricity. Furthermore, LED lights have a large life span, and can last for over tens of thousands of working hours, making them very money efficient. Moreover, LED lights can function in extreme weather conditions, both cold and hot, and be unfazed by them. Everything about LED lights is great, they are environment friendly, and are recommended by governments all over the world.

Depending on the working conditions you expect to use the lights in, you need to consider the amount of lumens they can produce. More lumens means brighter light, which you might need in misty and extremely dark working places. The more lumens LED lights produce, the more expensive they are. You won’t need to replace them very often, and they don’t warm up and produce unwanted heat in your working place.

To conclude, LED work lights are great for many purposes. They provide excellent working conditions for people who have to get the job done in the dark. They are environment friendly and very economical. Even though they are more expensive than incandescent lights, they will eventually prove to be the better investment in the long run.

What Info Do You Need Before Buying Mixer Cases

Carefully storing all of your musical equipment is essential for keeping it in proper working condition. All musicians have hundreds, if not thousands worth of equipment at their possession and they have to take all of that gear with them when they travel for gigs. For any performer, besides the instrument, a necessary piece of equipment is the mixer console. And just like you would buy a guitar case, a keyboard case, or a case for any other instrument in order to protect it, you also need to buy a mixer case to protect the mixer.

Mixer Cases

The mixer is a piece of equipment which is often undervalued. What most people don’t realize, is that it’s the mixer that controls the quality of your audio output, making sure your instrument sounds perfect. So this is enough reason by itself to invest into mixer cases. Everyone needs a mixer in order to have an outstanding performance, but nobody relies on it like a DJ does. And if you are one that constantly performs at different venues, you understand that mobility is key and that equipment is fragile and expensive, especially mixers. Continue reading

Essential Oils: What Characteristics to Look for When Buying One for You

No one’s life is a smooth sail; we all come into stormy weather.” That’s right – sooner or later, we all wind up experiencing a difficult situation. Our household and work-related activities, our relationship problems, and our family issues are only some of the many sources of anxiety in our life. Yes, stress, physical and mental exhaustion, as well as emotional tension are inevitable parts of the human existence. While accepting these unpleasant states of our mind and body is something that is truly healthy for us, not doing anything to help ourselves feel better is not a smart decision.

Well, what can a person do to ease his/her pain? What can save us after a long series of stressful events? Believe it or not, essential oils can. Essential oils can be true miracle workers and life savers, if used properly, of course. Most of them have amazing therapeutic properties, as they can easily restore the balance of our general well-being. I have prepared a short list of three of the most popular and available individual essential oils, as well as the health benefits they yield, which can aid you in your search for the right essential oils buy for you. Continue reading

Yoga Equipment: What to Buy for a Magic Om Ride

Unlike any other sport, yoga isn’t really tied to a designated location or any specific equipment. For thousands of years there was no yoga equipment. At its core, yoga is all about connecting the body and the mind. Even just sitting and breathing mindfully is a form of yoga, which means you can do yoga wherever you want, whenever you want it. However, there are certain products that can really help in making your yoga experience much more comfortable.

Yoga Equipment Online

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What You Ought to Know about LED High Bay Lights

LED High Bay Lights

Now more than ever people enough freedom to become their own bosses and pave the road to success themselves. You will see so many businesses rising up and many positive stories of how people achieved their goals, however there are many things to consider to be able to make your way through and get the income you dream of and part of them are the costs you get to pay. Depending on your business, sometimes it’s unavoidable to have costs piling up. More so if you’re dealing with industries and warehouses since they cover up a big space. This can especially cause trouble with electricity, baring in mind industrial electricity is slightly more expensive. Inefficient lighting that is not taken care of on time can be the death of your business.

Though there are many lighting options you can light up a warehouse with, it’s in your best interest to find the suitable solution in the long run. Since performance, safety and productivity depend on good lighting, it’s more than a worthy investment you can make. With the constant change of technology, nowadays you can easily find the most convenient lights for your requirements. When it comes to getting the lights that provide enough brightness and are cost-efficient, look no further than LED high bay lights. There are many shops and retailers you will come across that sell quality products so you’ll know the LED high bay light won’t disappoint you.

As you might have guessed from the name, high lights are lights that are used in spacious buildings with high ceilings, as high as 13 metres or more because they provide powerful clear lighting. Although some options may seem cheaper initially, such as the incandescent high bay lights, they pose more costs eventually unlike with the LEDs as their durability and energy efficiency are unmatched. Inefficient lights and poorly lit working conditions can considerably add to the annual costs, as up to more than $160,000, which is more than any business can handle. Reliable shops will offer you LED high bay light choices with convenient warranty and most of them don’t require any specific maintenance.

To be sure you’ve made the wise purchase, be sure to check the power consumption and lumen output, as well as the number of working hours of every LED. Though most of them have a long lifespan, quality ones have up to 50,000 working hours. Most LEDs have timers and dimmers which is another helpful property that works in favour of energy saving. Getting special features, like acrylic lens, surge protectors and wire guards, depends on the industry you are dealing with and the requirements of your workplace. As you can see, the LED high bays are more than an ideal option. Investing in this type of lighting can do wonders for your business.