Portable Infrared Sauna: What’s Finland Got to Do with Them?


The one thing that makes our planet so special in the vast universe is the presence of water. It covers around 70% of Earth and without it, life would not be possible. Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom bond together to form the water molecule and even though water seems boring since it has no colour, taste, or smell, it has amazing properties that are essential for every living thing on out planet.

Thanks to the polarity of its molecular structure, water is able to dissolve more substances than any other liquid, including the strongest acids, which is why it is often called the universal solvent. This structure also allows water to move through plant roots and even the smallest blood vessels, carrying chemicals, minerals, and all sorts of nutrients essential to support living organisms. Water is also the only natural substance that has the ability to exist in all three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. In its gas state, water is always present in the air surrounding us in the form of vapor, although we cannot see it. When you boil water, it changes from liquid into gas or water vapor. As the vapor starts to cool it forms a visible cloud called steam.

More than two thousand years ago, the Finnish people realized the cleansing powers of steam and started finding ways to harvest that power and use it for their well being. And this is how the sauna was born. At first the Finns used to build them into the side of a hill or in holes in the ground and they later started to build them using wooden logs that stood above the ground. As they moved to different parts of the world, they started spreading their knowledge of the sauna with them to the point where they became famous worldwide and were adopted by many cultures.

Fast forward up to today, and we can see how the sauna has evolved quite a lot. It uses various heat sources to create the steam, including traditional wood, gas, electricity, and the latest in sauna technology – the infrared sauna. Infrared technology is what brought the sauna from luxury hotels and wellness centers into our homes. The many portable infrared sauna benefits can now be enjoyed by everyone without all the hustle of going to an actual sauna and you can incorporate it as a part of your regular beauty routine.

There’s no doubt that the portable infrared sauna benefits are at the same level of a genuine sauna treatment and it is safe and easy to use. Some of the health benefits include detoxifying the body through sweat; burning up calories and facilitating weight loss; increasing the metabolism and helping the body to burn more calories throughout the whole day; strengthening the cardiovascular system; encouraging lymphatic fluid movement and improving the immune system; releasing muscle tension; relieving stress; stimulating cell repair and encourages youthful skin growth; and many more.

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