Pull Off a Cohesive Look With Black and White Wallpaper Designs

Wallpaper has come a long way from those old, retro, outdated designs we once saw everywhere. It has become so much better and you can find it in so many different designs which include geometric prints, textured wallpaper, bright colours, black and white wallpaper designs and so much more. Popularity has definitely been on the up and it’s not all that hard to see why. You can do so much with wallpaper and it can completely transform a room without actually doing a lot of work. The selection you have to choose from these days has become so much more unique and the variety is huge. One of the main wallpaper trends we will be covering today is black and white wallpaper designs. If you want to know how to transform your home keep on reading.

black and white wallpapers

No doubt if you are someone who enjoys interior design and home trends, then you have seen this style of wallpaper popping up nearly everywhere. This has especially been true for those of you who read blogs and websites dedicated to interior trends. It’s quite easy to understand the popularity of it as it is quite refined and elegant theme that has the power to make a big statement. It is a great way to create an impact in your home and give it new life without it being an eyesore, not to mention that black and white will never go out of style. A great tip to keeping it low key is to keep things mainly white and throw in a few shades of black and grey. The grey will really transition between the black and white and make the contrast less harsh.

It is definitely a colour scheme that makes a bold statement, it is also a classic pairing. You can find black and white wallpaper designs like stripes, floral, geometric and so many more prints that have been refined to black and white. One way to really make a statement is by pairing black and white wallpaper with coloured furniture or décor pieces. The black and white background really makes the colours pop. If you don’t want something as bold as that you can easily transition the shades together with some pastel colours and greys as well to make it more subtle and toned down. Grey really helps soften the contrast between the black and white. The flooring you have is also important so make sure that whatever you choose to do you want your floors to match!

It is something that has really stuck around throughout the ages, the most famous period for this colour combo was definitely seen with Coco Chanel who really made simplicity famous. It is really a simple combination of colours that can look regal and elegant at the same time. There are so many things you can do with it, like create a feature wall that is just black or printed, frame a nice printed wallpaper to make it the focal piece of a room, transform the entire room into a black and white colour palette or use pops of colour in different ways. The options really are endless so use your imagination to create something that you will really love. If you want some inspiration, then you can easily find some great pictures of this trend online. You can also find a great selection of black and white wallpaper designs online so why not get started today.

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