The Non Essential, Yet Unavoidably Beneficial Dimension of Yoga Sitting Cushions

Sitting still for hours at a time while meditating can really be a physically rigorous process and you are bound to become uncomfortable after a certain period. Your body will give in to the shape of the surface on which it rests and this puts a strain on your legs, hips, spine, shoulders and your neck and it is the main cause of discomfort. So, until you achieve levitation, you can avoid all of that with a simple yoga sitting cushion. Even the ancient monks used some forms of grass cushions.

yoga sitting cushion

Some of the most common meditation postures include the full-lotus, half-lotus, the kneeling and lying postures. All of them require flexibility in the ankles, knees, and hips and in most cases you need some kind of support in order to comfortably maintain proper alignment for a prolonged period of meditation.

While I can’t say that a yoga sitting cushion is essential to your practice, once you experience all the benefits from it, I guarantee that it will become your favourite yoga gear.

Typically, a yoga cushion is firm and it can come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, so you won’t have any problems finding the right one for you. You can choose from oval shaped cushions, v-shaped, rectangular, but you can also choose cushions with different stuffing. Some are more suitable for meditation, some are better for seated poses while other for floor work.

The level of firmness also varies from one cushion to another. When choosing the right firmness, the trick is to go as firm as possible while still feeling comfortable in order to get the necessary support and avoid the strain on your bones and muscles.

No matter which pose you assume during meditation, (half-lotus, full-lotus, child pose, corpse pose, back bends, etc.) yoga cushions are an instrument that will help you achieve comfort, maximize relaxation, and focus more on your mind without any distractions from physical discomfort.

Another thing that I like about yoga cushions is that they also have a range of alternate uses completely unrelated with yoga. And who doesn’t like a multi-purpose product? You can use it for support while sitting on the floor and perform all kinds of everyday tasks. Most yoga cushions are designed for durability and they are easy to maintain. They usually have a removable cotton cover which you can simply throw in the washing machine. Many of them feature a convenient handle so you can easily transport them.

In conclusion, a meditating cushion will be an excellent addition to your yoga prop collection and it will significantly improve your overall yoga experience.

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