What Advantages Do Inverter Generators Have Over Traditional Ones

Whether on the road or at home, we heavily rely on a wide array of electronic products, gadgets and smart devices. In order to safely power them, they require stable and clean energy which traditional power generators aren’t able to produce. This is where inverter power generators come into play. These generators not only produce pure and stable energy, they are also lightweight and come in a portable design which is perfect for camping, outdoor use, as well as for a wide array of other uses.

A generator inverter is a common sight on the road, and if you see conventional generators instead, somebody is doing it wrong. So why should you opt for a power generator inverter instead of a conventional one? Well, because the inverter is a lightweight microprocessor that replaces the heavy alternator in basic generators, which provides stable and quality power while operating quietly.

Generator Inverter

The direct current produced by the generator is shifted into a 3 phase altering current by the inverter at a very high frequency, which is then converted back to direct current providing a stable sine wave delivery. Some of the advantages that inverter generators offer over traditional power generators are the following.

Compact and Lightweight

The inverter technology allows manufacturers to design very light and compact generators that are ideal for recreational use. In fact, the more efficient the inverter generators are – the smaller in size they can be, compared to traditional generators. Additionally, they feature ergonomic handles and wheels, making them the perfect companion to keep you powered up no matter where you are. And when not in use, you can neatly pack them away.

Stable and Quality Power

Don’t let the size of inverter generators fool you – even though they are smaller than traditional generators, they output higher quality power than them. This is by far the greatest advantage of inverter generators. They’re capable of producing clean power from spikes or surges which can damage sensitive gadgets and crash computers. There are zero risky fluctuations in the power they generate, so you can trust them with all of your favourite equipment.

Fuel Efficiency

These generators use fuel optimally, which means you get more power for less money. The microprocessor speed is adjusted automatically proportionally to the load applied, meaning that the fuel efficiency is maximised. This results in stable power and frequency for your devices throughout a longer continuous running time.


Traditional camping generators have long been infamous for their loud noise and vibrations. This is not the case with inverter technology, as it is not running at full speed constantly. The high-end designs have sound-proof housing, mufflers and insulators, meaning, the noise they produce is minimised.

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