What Difference the Right Torch Makes: the Sun May Go Down, but Not Necessarily the Light

For every normal human being, the day does not just end once the sun goes down and darkness takes over. On the contrary, in winter time the night is quite long, which means you should be equipped with your own source of light wherever you decide to go. Be it strolling around the park with your friends at night or walking your dog – your safety has to come first! Therefore, carrying a torch with you is the least you could do to ensure your peace of mind. Let’s get to work and find the most suitable piece for you among the wide variety of types of torches.


Your first decision should be whether to buy a battery powered or a rechargeable torch. In case you go with a battery powered one, bear in mind that you will need to have a pack of batteries with you to replace the used ones. For a rechargeable torch you will need an adapter and a power source to

The material is also very important – the torch you choose should be durable, waterproof, light but strong at the same time. The most common materials used for different types of torches are plastic, rubber and metal, but there are a lot of new models today that are made from aluminium. You can also find torches made from titanium, which is both strong and light, but generally, they are a more expensive option. The most inexpensive choice are torches made from plastic. In case you want to buy one, ensure you choose one made from tough shock resistant plastic.

Led Lanterns
In case you need to illuminate a larger area, lanterns are a better choice than torches. A lantern will provide you with a 360-degree area of warm light. The window of the lantern can be made of plastic or glass and the power source can be fuelled (by liquid fuel or gas) or battery powered. Battery powered lanterns are generally safer and usually come with a LED bulb. LEDs are efficient, brighter and energy-efficient and have a longer life span than standard bulbs. Fuel powered lanterns require more attention and care as even when the lantern is turned off it could still stay hot for some time. Different models of lanterns have different features, but most of them are designed in a way to be easily hung.

Head Torches
The best thing about head torches is that they leave your hands free. This is what makes them a very popular choice for anglers, hikers and climbers. Just like the other types of torches, these also come in different sizes and light outputs. Head torches have a head strap system, designed to be adjusted to everyone’s needs and the torch unit itself. Different types of bulbs provide different light levels. As head torches point the light in the direction the wearer turns his head, maybe it is a good idea to practice a little bit before heading into the forest.

Hand Held Torches
Thanks to the great technology advancements, there are powerful torches that have a rather compatible design. They come in a variety of sizes – from large models to key-ring torches. When looking for the right one, consider features such as brightness, battery consumption, weight, and size. If you need more accurate illumination from your torch, check its focus function as some models can focus to a very narrow point. Generally, torches that are designed for outdoor use are waterproof, which means you can use them even if it’s raining or snowing.

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