What Do Curtains Have That Makes Us Fall In Love With Them

curtainsWhen buying a new home or renovating their old one, many people don’t know what to do with their windows. There’s always the curtain dilemma, that’s for sure. Curtains are all about bringing some extra warmth and décor in the room, so with the right color, the right material and graphics they will not only bring intimacy into your home, but also enhance the style as well. And windows without curtains look kind of unfinished to me. It’s like every time you look at them, you feel something’s missing. 

But of course, where there are curtains there usually are cornices as well. Curtains are the cornices’ better half since they shine with their glamour thanks to the help and support of the cornices. Since minimalist styles are becoming a big hit, manufacturers immediately adapted to the trend and started producing small, almost visually invisible cornices that make the curtains look as if they are floating in the air.

Although many people argue that curtains are a bit of an old fashioned way to decorate your windows with and that there are many new and modern ways to do that, for most of us curtains will always be the best window treatment for our homes. I mean, who can say no to all those beautiful floral or geometric designs colored with dark red or pastel shades that bring such an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in any room? You can use the ones that will make your place look glamorous, the ones that will open up your room or the ones that will give a personal feel to those big lifeless windows. Everything depends on your own style and your own preferences.curtains_

Made from a variety of materials and featuring a wide range of patterns, these classy yet very stylish decorating elements can be easily integrated in almost any interior. It’s really magical how curtains have this ability to completely change the way a room looks and to bring elegance to any space. They definitely remained a convenient window decoration no matter if some of the interior design magazines say otherwise. And don’t you feel a bit nostalgic when it comes to curtains? Think about your childhood, because back then, curtains were the queens of the indoor arrangements and everyone was going nuts about them. So spread those curtains and give your windows the warmness they need. You will feel more intimate and more comfortable and that’s actually the point of having a home, right?

Source : https://www.iseekblinds.com.au/curtains

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