What Do Land Surveyors Do?

The process of determining and identifying the characteristics and the boundaries of a particular land can be a real challenge. This is where land surveyors come into action. A land surveyor is a professional with academic qualification, interpretative ability, technical expertise and necessary skills to manage the surveying discipline for the benefit of the people and society. The land surveyor inspects and measures land areas for the need of various construction projects. He/She collects information and data about the land characteristics such as the size, land boundaries, land elevations, etc. The gathered information later is used by the construction architects and engineers in order to accurately determine how to best use the land. They use state of art building surveying equipment in order to gather accurate data about the land. This building surveying equipment includes: automatic levels, total stations, theodolites, surveying tripods, GPS tools and etc.


A land surveyor works in different environments and under different weather conditions. When at the construction site, the surveyor performs different mathematical operations in order to gather the information which is needed so that detailed map of the land can be created. He/She will measure the distances, slopes, heights and other land features which will enable and help the architects and the engineers to design construction plans and to start the construction process. As mentioned previously, land surveyors use cutting edge site surveying equipment in order to measure and to gather accurate land information. They also use tapes and place pegs in order to mark the entire construction site. When the site work is completed, the land surveyors then create a detailed map based on the information gathered with the building surveying equipment. These surveying maps help a lot in determining where construction is possible on the site.

The land surveyors play a crucial role in various site development processes. Without them the construction architects and engineers will be unsure about where to built structures and where to build the supporting infrastructure like roads. Their work is closely related to the work of other construction professionals like geologists, architects, engineers and builders. The land surveyors are needed heavily in the residential and in the commercial sector. In the residential sector they are needed when houses and residential buildings are being constructed. Furthermore, they are needed for subdividing properties and to establish the land boundaries between neighbors. In the commercial sector, the land surveyors are included in many construction projects like road construction, mining, tunneling works, etc. since the data that is being gathered and provided by them is essential for the success of the project.