What Do People Buy Online The Most


The Internet has transformed many aspects of human life, but perhaps, most of all the way we shop. Although it took some time for consumers to adapt and to trust online shopping, nowadays there are more and more of those who actually prefer to shop on-line. While ransacking store shelves and touching items has its charm, convenience of online shopping has many invincible advantages. Recent research show that customers from financially stable countries are less skeptical of online shopping. In fact, about 87% of Australian internet users engage in online shopping. Also, 83% of North Americans purchase items online, while half of natives of Latin America prefer traditional shopping. More than half of online users in EU member countries rely on online shopping compared to the same percentage of consumers in the Middle East and Africa who still have never made an online purchase.


The research showed that people mostly purchase books, clothing, travel related items, electronics, beauty supplies and perfumes. This study also showed that when it comes to online shopping, age matters. Hence, young Australians buy more items and more often than older people. The most likely age group to purchase goods online are internet users aged 30-45 years. Also, those consumer who have higher annual income shop online more frequently. But two reasons, convenience and price, is what’s common for all online shoppers, regardless of age bracket and financial stability.


Today, internet users spend about quarter of their time on online browsing and shopping. However, experts believe that with the growth of 3G and 4G networks and new innovative technologies, more and more consumers will rely and practice online shopping. According to them, people buy the most reliable items or better said, items they have used in the past. Hence, that’s why certain clothing items, airline tickets, hotel reservations, cosmetics and perfume shopping are the most popular ones. Of course, the fact that these items are most likely to be offered at a discounted price is a big plus.

For example, growing number of young Australian, mostly women, shop online for fragrances, clothing items, shoes and beauty products. Recent survey showed that perfume shop is one of the most browsed keywords online. And it’s no surprise. Many online perfume retailers like Feeling Sexy, offer wide selection of various fragrances at down-to-earth prices. Moreover, these retailers often promote sales, various discounts and value sets. They are reliable, available for business 24/7 and are never ‘out of stock’. If you are looking for a cologne or a perfume; brand name or your favorite celebrity’s newest release, visit http://www.feelingsexy.com.au/ and pamper yourself with a sleek bottle of luxurious scent. In just few clicks, you can have any scent you desire – breezy summer, sensual glamour, sophisticated charm or romantic style.

  • Jessie Sanner

    I usually buy perfumes online, so I save up some time. Also, I find it much easier finding great deals online, than going into malls.