What Does A Bricklayer Do?

When building a house, office or any kind of structure, bricklaying is one of the most essential processes. But many of us do not know what exactly bricklaying is. Bricklaying is simply a craft of laying bricks. This widely preferred method is performed by bricklayers, whose job is to create and maintain various structures like walkways, walls, foundations, etc. by using various bricklaying tools and equipment. Although it is simple and easy to understand, for a person to be an excellent and experienced bricklayer, years of hard practice and training are required. A bricklayer usually works with traditional bricks and concrete cinder blocks, but the construction materials have become more diverse with the advancement of the technology and bricklayers need to be in tune with all innovations.


Before becoming a bricklayer, you need to complete a proper education or practice in order to understand the nature of the work and how to use various bricklaying tools and equipment. There are different types and models of available bricklaying tools for sale from which you can choose from depending on your needs. As mentioned previously, in order to enter the bricklaying industry, you would need a high-school diploma or to complete an apprenticeship program. In the following text, you will understand exactly what a bricklayer does.

Measures The Area

The bricklayer starts his work by measuring and marking the area on which the bricklaying process will take place. He estimates how much materials will be need, including building materials and mortar. Then, the bricklayer chooses the most appropriate and suitable bricklaying tools and equipment needed for the job and the bricklaying process can begin.

Chooses A Pattern

The next thing is choosing a pattern. A more skilled and experienced bricklayer is capable to design more complex patterns.


Laying The Bricks

When the area and the pattern are chosen, and once the area is accurately measured, the bricklayer starts with laying the bricks by using bricklaying tools and equipment. It is a tough and demanding skill which requires a lot of practice. The bricks-mortar bond should be very strong and consistent, from the top to the bottom and side to side, but it also needs to look good visually. To make the bond strong, the mortar which bricklayer uses, should have proper viscosity and needs to be moisturized correctly to prevent it from becoming too thick to work with.

Final Touches

As the project comes to an end, the bricklayer gives a final touch by smoothing the mortar between each brick layer and the tip of the bricklaying trowel. Also, this process cleans the excessive mortar on the bricks. The final touches are performed by using one of the most effective bricklaying tool, the copper tubing, which creates a great looking finish on the brick joints.

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