What Earrings To Choose For Sensitive Ears

 Ear piercing is one, if not the oldest, form of body modification, performed for different reasons, from superstition, spiritual and religious to aesthetic. We kind of have a clue why Mayan women pierced their ears, but why do women today pay such attention to this accessory. Purely for aesthetic reasons.

According to famous celebrity stylists, earrings can make a woman look more attractive because they frame the face highlighting cheekbones. The right pair of earrings that is. And finding the perfect earrings for the face shape can be tricky, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Nowadays, mass produced jewelry earrings are made from non-precious metals like stainless steel, which can cause an allergic reaction. So, it is essential to choose earrings made from hypoallergenic materials, such as gold and silver earrings.


Hypoallergenic Earring Materials

The most common types of metals used for making hypoallergenic earrings are sterling silver and gold.

Sterling Silver

Pure or fine silver, is a soft metal, which can be easily damaged, so it is usually combined with other metals to produce long-lasting jewelry. The most popular alloy these days is sterling silver, which is a combination of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Any other metal can be used, but copper has proven as the best one because of its durability, hardness and non-allergic reactions, especially when it comes to silver earrings.

How To Know The Quality Of The Sterling Silver?

All high quality silver earrings and other items made of sterling silver are stamped with a “quality mark” or “fineness”, which is proof of the precious metal content. The item must also have a registered trademark or by the maker’s mark.


Most earrings made out of gold have a 10kt, 12kt, 14kt and 18kt levels of purity. The lower the level, the higher the amount of other alloys used. Just like silver, pure gold is not used in jewelry as it is too soft. The most commonly used alloys with gold are nickel and palladium, but keep in mind that nickel can cause some allergic reactions to those with more sensitive skin. It is best to always choose 18kt gold jewelry as it is purer and better for your skin.

Tips When Buying Earrings For Sensitive Skin

If you know you have sensitive skin, it is best you buy your jewelry from renowned jewelry stores. You can also buy online but only from retailers you know offer genuine items and have high customer satisfaction rate. Purity is the cure for sensitive skin. Always take into account the karats when buying gold earrings, and the fineness when buying silver earrings or other type of jewelry.

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