What to do To Become a Better Fisherman

So whether you want to become a better fisherman because you want to show off your abilities to your friends, or maybe you want to enter and win some local fishing competition, there are a few tips and tricks you should know about which could up your fishing game. The tips and tricks below can help both an amateur out who is just starting with fishing, or even an expert who is just looking to get their groove back. Either way hopefully you can apply some of these pointers to your fishing techniques and see how it goes.

1. Move Around

The first tip is to not get too comfortable with one spot. Many new fishermen fall into the habit of picking one spot and sticking to it even if they have had no luck while fishing there. Even if you do somehow miraculously luck out one time, it is not a good idea to stay in the one spot. An ideal arrangement is to change spots every 10 to 15 minutes unless you get a good response from somewhere that day, then you should stay longer and see what happens. This can especially come in handy if in a fishing competition.

2. Change Your Routine

Don’t just go out to fish on sunny days. Some fish like bass are low light predators and are more likely to come out when it is darker. You may be surprised at what you might catch, you should try going fishing when it is windy or cloudy or maybe switch up the times you go fishing. The fish that are closer to the surface will vary depending on what the weather and light are like that day. Your fortunes could change from one day to the next.


3. Get Them Angry

The number one excuse for not catching anything is usually that the fish themselves weren’t hungry, and you are probably right. Some fish just aren’t hungry so how else can you get them to bite? Well, there is a tried and tested method of annoying the fish, and it works. In fact, most of the time the fish will get agitated or annoyed and bite the bate because of this. So the next time you are fishing, try wiggling the bait around erratically and maybe fish will bite.

4. Slow Down

Another mistake most amateurs make is that they fight a fish hard and try to reel in hard right from the start. If you never stop reeling, you can break the fish off, so take your time and pull in gently, but don’t let the line go slack either, the fish can spit the lure this way. Finding the right speed and adjusting is all part of the process.

5. Cheat

Okay so it’s not technically cheating but you can invest in some equipment that can make your ability to catch fish better then what it actually is. The Alabama five-lure rig, for example, is one of these items, however, it was banned from big tournaments because it supposedly made catching some fish too easy. Your mates however, probably don’t know this so you can just use it with them and make yourself look like it’s all you! Do not use this equipment if in a competition, you will get disqualified, plus it is not a fair play.

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