What to Look For When Buying a Sandblaster

Whether you’re looking to tackle an automotive refinishing project or renovate your home, you’re probably aware that it takes a lot of time and effort to remove corrosion, rust or paint by hand. In order to make the process much easier and faster, blasting abrasive material, like sand, for instance, can greatly speed things up.


Hence, sandblasters are the ideal tools to make that tough and time consuming task much easier and significantly more efficient. What typically takes hours to perform with elbow grease and traditional sandpaper, you can do in just minutes with a sandblaster. You can find a cheap sandblaster with relative ease online that will suit your needs, without breaking your bank.

Sandblasters are tools designed to shoot out pressurized abrasive material, like sand, at high rates of speed to clean up debris, rust or corrosion from items. They’re the ideal tool for polishing and smoothing rough surfaces that need preparation for resurfacing or painting. There are several different sizes and types of sandblasters. The three main types include: siphon sandblasters, gravity-fed sandblasters and pressure sandblasters.

Siphon Sandblasters

These sandblasters use gravity to get the job done, and feature a container that holds all the abrasive material below the nozzle. When air is released, in a suction-like process, the sand travels to the nozzle and is blasted away.

Gravity-fed Sandblasters

Similarly to the siphon sandblasters, and as their name implies, these sandblasters use gravity to get the job done as well. The abrasive material is placed in a container, known as a hopper, which is mounted above the gun. The gun is attached to an air compressor, and when you press the trigger, air blasts out of the nozzle and the abrasive material falls from the container, blasting out of the nozzle at high rates.

Pressure Sandblasters

These sandblasters use highly pressurized canisters of abrasive material (typically sand), which are hooked to the sandblasting guns. As the trigger is pulled, the abrasive material is blasted out of the container. Pressure sandblasters are typically much easier to operate than the gravity-fed and siphon sandblasters but are pricier, as the abrasive material cannot be reused. Therefore, you’ll have to invest in new canisters when your old ones are empty.

Be on the lookout for sales and discounts online to land a great deal on a quality, yet cheap sandblaster. Purchasing online typically means home delivery and less hassle. Otherwise, you can look for sandblasters in tool, home improvement stores and garden departments.

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