What You Need to Know Before Owning Cheap Shade Sails

Let’s examine how summer backyards can be used for something more than sunbathing in the middle of the day. I mean, as much as appealing and attractive it may be, at some point it will tire you and expose you to some potential skin health issues. The truth is, staying more than 30 minutes under a burning sun lying on a lounge chair can be more exhausting than relaxing. So, instead of using that precious space only at night, why not be creative and make your backyard a real summer oasis? Think cheap shade sails – a perfectly stylish and convenient way to block the sun on a large scale.

Shade sails are not a conventional umbrella-like options for providing shade to your patio or deck space. They’re exactly what the name itself suggests: sails, large enough to cover your entire backyard and transparent enough to still allow the desired amount of light penetrate through them. Could it be any better?

Cheap Shade Sails

Of course it can. Not just that large shade sails provide sun protection, they can be a very stylish and fancy design element for your patio or deck area as well. Yes, there are some really fancy umbrellas on the market, but isn’t that too mainstream and boring? Shade sails take the look of your patio on a whole different level: a dose of sea exoticism and marine luxury, making every patio set far from boring and mundane.

Shade Sails

Now that you have an idea, start searching the web for the perfect cheap shade sails. The online offer is vast in colours, materials and shapes. Some retailers offer custom-made while others have ready-to-go solutions for your plain backyard. However, here are a few things to know before you make your choice:


Although you may think shade sails are just a piece of ordinary cloth, they’re far more sophisticated. After all, that material should protect you from the sun: a UV burning machine! So, look for a quality material, like a fabric with high density polyethylene, or a breathable commercial material. It shouldn’t be sun-degradable and it should definitely have a UV resistant thread.


Once you get them attached, shade sails should stay on their place no matter the weather outside. This means they should have strong buckles, preferably made of stainless steel with Marine Grade technology to withstand strong winds and heavy rains. Also, if you decide not to get them off during winter season, they should be able to withstand winter conditions as well.

Choice of colour

Believe it or not, colour here is very important. You’ll come across a large palette of colourful shade sails, so have in mind that the darker the colour you choose, the higher the UV resistant grade should be.

Water proof materials

Normally shade sails are not water proof, which means they will not protect you from heavy rains. But, some retailers offer the possibility to make a special water proof shade sail. Of course, that will cost a little more.


Time spend for installation really depends largely on the type of shade sail you get; some are so easy to install they take only a day or even a few hours, while others require entire engineering teams and a detailed project, which can last for several weeks.

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