What’s Longboarding Got to Do with Health?

It the modern world of today, more and more people realize that riding the concrete wave is the thrill they’ve been missing. What am I talking about? Longboarding. More than ever before, today you can see people around campus and at city parks cruising, doing tricks, racing and performing stunts. Many say that it’s somewhat addictive and an activity that keeps them motivated to keep themselves in a good shape. Being passionate about and enjoying what you do is the key to continue doing it in the long run, and longboarding is definitely something you should not give up on.

life of a skateboarder

Like all boarding sports, longboarding has its origins from surfing. In the 90s it branched off into two disciplines – skateboarding and longboarding. But unlike skateboarding, which focuses on grades and hills, longboarding involves cruising mainly on level terrain. Besides being a thrilling and enjoyable activity, it’s a challenging one that offers exercise and many health benefits as well. All you need to do is visit a longboards online store and order your new favourite companion to get started.

skateboarding-girlThe most prominent health benefit of longboarding is cardiovascular conditioning. As all cardio sports, boardsports are also a great way to get your daily dose of aerobic activity, increase your lung capacity and strengthen your heart. Participants of this sport get an excellent cardiovascular workout by pushing themselves across flat terrain or steep hills, which ultimately helps them boost their endurance and stamina.

Furthermore, it can improve your flexibility. Many people overlook this benefit and mainly focus on muscle strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. However, the ability to dynamically flex and stretch your muscles helps you move more powerfully and efficiently. The bursts of intense exercise combined with the periods of more moderate exertion help you develop greater dynamic power and flexibility.

Additionally, you can perform stunts, tricks and jumps to further add to the fitness aspect of longboarding and get a little adrenaline rush. Most stunts require high speeds and you have to work hard to accelerate to that speed and maintain it. Stands, squats and jumps all require solid muscle conditioning through a full range of movements, which certainly adds to the workout. Moreover, stunts add fitness elements like balance, coordination, timing, explosiveness – all extremely important for the sport and overall body fitness.

Longboarding is now enjoyed by much more people than it was years ago as many have began to understand the huge benefits they can reap from it. If you’re planning to purchase a longboard, inform yourself first on the different types and their specific features so that you can make a better decision. As for the shopping part, your best bet would be to shop longboards online as the online market offers a bigger variety of them at relatively cheaper prices.

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