What to Do when Wanting the Tropical Beauty of Bird of Paradise Flowers in Your Garden

No matter the season, we all want that lush outdoor look that would be a sight to see whenever we feel like popping outside for some time, getting fresh air. Even if you’re not that much into gardening, or consider yourself a person with brown thumb skills, there are still some plants that you’d gladly want to surround yourself with because it’s in human nature to want to be around beauty.

birds-of-paradiseThe perfect choice would be one of the bird of paradise flowers for sale, the evergreen plants enchanting with their brightly coloured bird-like flowers, and banana-like leaves, filling up any space, be it outdoors or in, with a tropical charm. Yes, you’d no longer have to go to a tropical resort to get the lush tropical garden view!

Originating from South Africa, these plants flower in tropical climates year-round – yes, even in warm climate places with mild winters. To be able to thrive, the bird of paradise flowers for sale require full sun, though shaded areas wouldn’t do any harm either except for the amount of flowers being diminished.

When wanting to plant them outside, in areas with not so warm winters, it’s advisable to plant them next to walls that get plenty of sunshine throughout the day, so the heat would be retained with the bird of paradise flowers during the night.

Though they like a good splash, it’s good to keep them dry between watering, as they prefer a well-drained soil. Remember to do more watering in the summer months, as well as growing season (but don’t exaggerate!), and less in the autumn and winter period.


To make sure you get plenty of flowers and enjoy the lovely tropical and vibrant view, it’s good to add a bit of fertilizer, especially in the active growth, every week or two weeks at least. Depending on the type of bird of paradise plant you have, some pruning may be required, either in late winter or early spring.

It’s good to note, while they are easy to maintain, one of the primary problems to affect these plants is rotting root, all because of over-watering, so go easy on the water. In case you do happen to spot scale insects or caterpillars, insecticidal soap is all you need to get rid of them.

The seeds of these plants are toxic, which is necessary to remember in case you have pets who’d love to nibble on them.

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