Trucks: Australian Trucking Industry News

Australian Trucking Industry News

The trucking industry is one of the most complex and fast growing industry sectors in Australia. It generates around $200 billions per year in revenue, which is about 15% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product or GDP. Because various goods and materials need to be transported from one location to another, it is normally to say that the trucking industry is related to every other industry sector in the Australian economy.

Contributing with almost 15% in the total Australian GDP, and by employing over 580 000 people (drivers, mechanics, operators etc.), it is hard to imagine or to specify a industry sector to which the trucking business is not relevant. Motivated by the good salary, the number of people who decide to buy trucks and to enter into the trucking business is increasing significantly from year to year. Unlike before, today the number of trucking companies that offer various trucking services is growing very rapidly.

As a result of the current changes which are manifested by the significant population growth and new demographic trends, the trucking and logistic industry in Australia continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down despite the recent global financial crisis. In fact, the industry experts predict that all freight tasks and the number of operators who buy trucks will be doubled by 2030 and tripled by 2050. This is a positive sign that the trucking industry in Australia is heading in the right direction, and that its contribution in the total GDP will be significantly increased.

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