What Does A Mobile Crane In Pick & Carry Operations Do

The mobile crane is an extremely versatile and efficient lifting machine, which means it can be used for pick and carry operations. The operators of the mobile crane need to remember that the crane is designed to be used on flat and firm surfaces while traveling with suspended loads. But performing pick and carry operations with a mobile crane can be a dangerous task. The lifting capacity of the crane might decrease and tip over on one side. According to some researches, the preliminary findings show that the crane operators and the engineers have not considered the possibilities of carrying a load on slopes.

A mobile crane that travels with suspended loads should avoid slopes, unless the load is within the allowable rated lifting capacities by the manufacturer. The total weight of the suspended loads, including the mass of material and load handling equipment, is the weight that the mobile crane can safely lift under good working conditions. However, the mobile crane operators should always operate on a firm and flat surface, with tires inflated to the right pressure.

mobile crane

Today, many mobile crane manufacturers give rating charts for their products. These charts provide important information about the lifting capacities of the mobile crane. The slopes allowed by the manufacturers can be followed, only if some factors are considered. Read on and find out what you need to do when operating a mobile crane on slopes.

  • Crane operators must be specifically trained for pick and carry operations with a mobile crane.

  • Every lifting operation should be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions, especially the operations that are expected to mark a decrease in the rated capacity.

  • Create a safe work method statement and implement few risk control measures for decreased lifting capacities.

  • Before lifting loads with a mobile crane, the ground conditions must be inspected, especially after rain or snow. The surface needs to support a loaded mobile crane.

  • Unless the crane and its load are not directed by a dogman (crane operator assistant, responsible for the safety of the load), the mobile crane operator should be in position to watch out the hook and the load.

  • The mobile crane is limited in the slope rated lifting capacity when performing pick and carry operations. The operators should stick to the limitation of the manufacturer and follow all the instructions.

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