Vinyl Flooring – All You Need To Know About This Home Element

Affordable and stylish, vinyl flooring is one of the most wanted choices for homes. Made of three core components: felt paper, vinyl foam, and a protective layer, vinyl is easy for installation and comfortable for walking.

Best Carpet Underlay Buying Guide – What to Do

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Vinyl Flooring Maintenance – What To Do

Vinyl floors are durable, slip resistant, attractive, and long-lasting, but if not properly taken cared for, they will get damaged over time. If you don’t vacuum or clean on a daily basis, dust and dirt will wear down the floor … Continue reading

What Do You Need To Know When Buying Flooring

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Rubber flooring seems to be the new favourable flooring solution these days and is slowly, but surely replacing hardwood and ceramic tiles. Thanks to numerous benefits, more and more households choose to install rubber flooring. It comes in various shapes, … Continue reading

What Do You Need To Know About Vinyl Tiles

When it comes to flooring solutions, these days it is no longer about hardwood and marble. The demand for something durable, safe, water and stain resistant has ‘forced’ leading flooring manufacturers to perfect the natural vinyl flooring. Discovered in the … Continue reading