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Sex Toys: More Than Just a Pleasure

People often say that everything fun is bad for you. However, when it comes to masturbation, that’s far from the truth. In fact, not only it isn’t bad for you but it’s actually proven to provide many health benefits. While … Continue reading

What Is A Chemise And Do I Need To Wear One?

The chemise shouldn’t be any news ladies! Lingerie stores sell a lot of these small but very fantasy-tickiling pieces of underwear. I am sure you have spotted them because these days they look like a lot of things, except something … Continue reading

What Do Women Want For Valentine’s Day?

On Valentine’s Day husbands and boyfriends usually arrive home with roses and chocolates. Retailers push for these traditional Valentine’s gifts, but the truth is that most women would be more impressed by something simpler and unique. Steer away from the … Continue reading

What do people buy as Birthday Gifts

Regardless of the fact that many say that they do not like having birthday parties, subconsciously they are having second thoughts. This is a normal thing considering that our birthdays are only once a year. Birthdays, just like many other … Continue reading