What Do Women Want For Valentine’s Day?

On Valentine’s Day husbands and boyfriends usually arrive home with roses and chocolates. Retailers push for these traditional Valentine’s gifts, but the truth is that most women would be more impressed by something simpler and unique. Steer away from the cliche and think outside the box. Instead of spending money on perfumes, makeup or some clothing item, why not organize a romantic getaway or maybe find rare French antique mirrors. Also, it is the thought that counts. Not the thought of buying something, but the thought of spending time searching for something unique and super romantic. The only way to make your sweetheart feel special, is to pick out a gift that best portrays her lifestyle, interests and personality. Here are few romantic ideas to surprise your lady this Valentine’s Day.

French antique mirrors

Simple Things Matter – If you want really impress her, give her a single rose and note that says: “You are the love of my life”. Cut paper into small heart shapes, write sweet message on each heart and leave one of each in her shoes, pockets of her jacket, wallet, handbag pockets, etc. You can write her a love note on the bathroom mirror with her favorite lipstick or you can leave one red rose on the driver’s seat of her car.

Royal Spa Treatment – What a better way to relax after a hard day at work than with a relaxing massage. But don’t gift-wrap a voucher from her favorite spa. Instead, be her masseur for the evening. Get scented candles, perfumed oils and roses. Clean the bedroom, sprinkle rose petals on the bed and prepare a size relaxing bath. Before you soak in the warm bath together, give her a long relaxing massage.

Buy Her Something Unique: Antique Mirrors – There is no gift more unique than an antique piece, such as antique mirrors. They come in all styles, sizes and shapes. French antique mirrors are perfect for this occasion, especially if your wife or girlfriend is a fan of antiques or a collector. They are also very valuable and a perfect home decorating accessory. In an instant, French antique mirrors will transform a mantel, book shelf, makeup vanity, etc. Search antique shops online for wide range of antique mirrors of different styles and designs. Choose the ones you think will awe your loved one the most. She will always think of you every time she looks at the antique mirrors.

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