Sex Toys: More Than Just a Pleasure

People often say that everything fun is bad for you. However, when it comes to masturbation, that’s far from the truth. In fact, not only it isn’t bad for you but it’s actually proven to provide many health benefits. While it has been a taboo and even frowned upon by religion for centuries, in the last decades, it has slowly been recognised as a normal and healthy activity. And along with masturbation, another thing that is less and less taboo, are sex toys.

Nevertheless, however common it has become to talk about sex toys and their benefits for your health, as well as for couples and their relationships, we still rarely ever talk about sex toys for men, mainly because they are still taboo. Nevertheless, the good news is that do exist and many men, regardless of their sexual orientation enjoy them. And just like everything else today, you can order male masturbators online and have them delivered at home in no time.

The interesting thing is that while you can hear people casually talk about vibrators and other women’s sex toys like it’s any other ordinary topic, male sex toys are an avoided topic by many men. But the truth is, men using devices to masturbate is nothing new. Both men and women have been using sex toys for a long time, whether they were mass-produced, used with batteries, or not.

Reasons to Use Men’s Self-Pleasuring Toys

Even if shame about masturbation isn’t an issue, many men who have never tried them may feel that using men’s masturbator toys is obsolete, considering that they have their hands. However, there are things that you can get from these toys that you can’t do yourself, and even your partner can’t do for you. They exist because they can offer new unexplored sensations. So, if you have been wondering how good are masturbators for male pleasure, the answer is – extremely good. But the benefits of using male sex toys don’t end there.

Self-Pleasuring is Good for Mental Health

Stress is considered to be amongst the biggest enemies of people today, and stress-relief ideas have become one of the most sought out things out there. So, the fact that masturbation is really good at relaxing and lowering stress levels and anxiety may be one of the best news for everyone, and now more than ever, with everything that’s happening around us in the last year.

Furthermore, orgasms are scientifically proven to make us happier. So, probably the most important benefit of masturbation is that it can help you fight depression. During and after orgasming, your brain releases a surge of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, serotonin and other chemicals which are often referred to as happiness hormones, pleasure chemicals, etc., or the compounds that regulate our mood, our stress levels, our pleasure, etc. And another thing we all know is good for our mental health is sleeping well, and self-pleasuring promotes better sleep.

Self-Pleasuring is Good for Physical Health

All of the mental health benefits are also good for your physical health. When we are stressed out, our minds aren’t the only ones in danger. While a little bit of stress is normal and even good for us, too much of it can be the cause of many health issues – it can cause fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, it can be harmful to your heart, and it can even weaken your immune system.

Stress has even been linked to illnesses such as lung diseases, cirrhosis of the liver, and even cancer. Stress can not only affect our mood, make us irritable, and in some cases cause anxiety and depression, but too much of it can also lead to fatal accidents, and in some extreme cases can even result in suicide. In other words, by helping us unwind and de-stress, masturbation can help us save our lives.

Self-Pleasuring is Good for Your Sex Life

Sure, the mental and physical health benefits seem quite straightforward, but how good are masturbators for male sexuality really? According to research, pleasuring yourself, regardless of whether it is by using your hands or by using a male masturbator toy, can in fact enhance your sexual performance. For instance, male masturbation toys can help you learn how to delay orgasm, as well as how to not lose your erection, etc. It’s often theorised that there often both men and women learn things about their bodies and their sexuality through masturbation, which they might have never been able to learn during sex.

Becoming more aware of your body and your sexuality, can certainly only be good. It will give you more confidence, self-esteem, and it will enhance your body image, all of which can also positively affect your sexual performance, and more importantly your state of mind. Furthermore, using a male masturbator can also help with erectile dysfunction caused by different things, such as diabetes or heart disease, neurological conditions or spinal cord injuries, prostate surgery or treatment etc.

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