What Makes Ray-Ban Special (and How to Care for Them)

A Short History of Ray-Ban

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Ray-Ban is an eyewear brand founded in 1936 by the Bausch & Lomb Company in Rochester, New York. Ever since its foundation, this brand has become number one in the industry thanks to its quality, versatility and great aesthetics. The fact that Ray-Ban sunglasses have graced the faces of some of the most famous people around world speaks volumes about their quality. Continue reading

Best Ergonomic Products to Help Support Your Neck and Back

Humans aren’t built to be sedentary, yet many Australians sit almost 10 hours every day (on average) due to the fact that most jobs are computer-based nowadays. According to research, lower back pain is a leading cause of disability, making it imperative for us to understand the importance of proper posture and start taking care of it. Everything at our workplace – from the computer’s placement to the chair design can have a serious impact on our neck and back.

Ergonomics position your monitor properly

Ergonomic experts use scientific methods to study physical factors that are involved in human anatomy so that they can design ergonomic furniture pieces that are in alignment with our body musculature. Applying modern ergonomic solutions at your workplace can improve your health, prevent neck and back pain and provide a more relaxing, productive and overall healthy environment. Having the following ergonomic products will help ease existing pain and discomfort and make your workdays more pleasant. Continue reading

What Do You Need to Start Knitting?

Knitting Source: stitchandstory.us

Until recently, knitting was a hobby associated with older people. Today, thanks to Pinterest, Instagram and the COVID-19 pandemic, knitting, scrapbooking and other kinds of arts and crafts, have become quite popular.

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Wabbit Season: The Huntsman’s Gear Guide To a Good Hunt

The Hunt is On

Hunting season is here. Time for some primal fun, man vs beast, wild vs modern, pew pew vs grrrr. In all seriousness, we all need to unwind sometimes, some enjoy golfing, some like mountain climbing, some play video games, but some of us enjoy the thrill of a good hunt. Whether it be for food or sport, the hunt is one of the most ancient activities we humans learned to do, no wonder some of us need it. For those who are new to the sport or haven’t been active in a while and what to get back in the game, here’s a brief reminder on what you need for a good hunt.

Hunting season Source: startribune.com

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Things to Know Before Buying a Dough Proofer

What Is Proofing?

The word “proofing” refers to the most important step in baking bread. This is the final rise through which dough undergoes, which takes place after the dough is being shaped into a loaf and before it is baked. So basically, it’s the culmination of the interaction of flour, water, salt, and yeast. Yeast performs fermentation or bulk proofing by transforming the glucose in the dough into energy, producing carbon dioxide and ethanol as waste products. During baking, most of the ethanol evaporates, and that little amount that remains adds flavour to the bread. Anyway, it is CO2 that is responsible for the spongy texture of the finished loaf. If loaves are well-proofed, they will look puffy and will feel soft, but still a little rubbery and resilient, which will indicate it is the right time to bake. Continue reading

Bathroom Upgrades: How to Choose the Right Bathroom Sink

Whether you’re renovating your old bathroom or styling a new one, choosing a bathroom sink is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Apart from being a functional necessity, it’s also a design statement that has the power to define the overall look and feel of this high-trafficked area of your home. If chosen carefully, the wash basin can easily become the focal point of your bathroom space.

To make any space of your home, from the petite powder room to the master bath, feel sophisticated and comfortable at the same time, you’ll need to consider a few factors.

Bathroom sink ceramic white black faucet
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D-Max Performance: How to Upgrade Your Exhaust System

When it comes to SUVs and pickup trucks performance, off the road is what they excel at. This is mainly thanks to their 4×4 system. Whilst a 4 wheel drivetrain is more common with pickup trucks such as Isuzu’s D-Max, it is not the only thing that gives its powerful performance. The exhaust system is another component or set of components that affect a vehicle’s performance levels.

DMax exhaust upgrade Source:genieperformance.com

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Budget-Friendly & Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Let’s face it ladies, choosing the right baby shower gift can be quite a difficult task, especially if you’re really bad at picking presents. This holds particularly true when choosing a present for someone you don’t know well. Luckily, there are some pretty unique gift ideas that won’t break the bank while still being practical and adequate. In the end, it all comes down to how useful the gift will be as sometimes even the most expensive gift can turn out to be of no use.

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What Makes Men’s Cowboy Boots So Popular?

“Iconic” and “appealing”, these are the two words that perfectly describe the western style. And while the hat, the huge belt buckle denim jeans and shirt are a great way to pull off this style, make sure you don’t forget about the most important thing – mens western cowboy boots. These shoes are a classic piece of footwear that was first worn by cowboys centuries ago. Even actors and presidents wore them. And the truth is, even today, mens cowboy boots are still a popular option.

Men's Cowboy Boots Source: pinterest.com

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