Work Boots and Pants: What Do They Offer and How to Find the Best Ones?

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Everyone who’s spent some time on a construction site will tell you that it’s a place filled with hazards. Thanks to the training, safety regulations and protocols, most of these hazards can easily be avoided and reduced to a minimum. But when everything else fails, PPE and workwear are considered the last resort. Work pants and footwear are some of the most overlooked components of worker safety. Taking work clothes for granted can lead to undesired consequences, and they can be the difference between getting away unscathed and ending up with a serious injury. Here are some reasons why everyone working in industrial settings and construction sites should highly consider buying heavy-duty workwear.
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What to Look for When Choosing the Ideal Smoker for Your Backyard?

Smoked food is arguably one of the most delicious types of food. If you don’t have a smoker and want to invest in one for your backyard barbeque parties, buying one that suits your needs is important. Smokers come in a wide range of shapes and forms and they can cost anywhere between $50 and $10 000. There are three basic types of barbeque smoker models – electric, charcoal and gas. Every type of BBQ smoker has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the ins and outs of all three types will help you pick the right one for your needs. Continue reading

Taking Care of Your Rear Wheel Bearings – What Do the Pros Do?

rear wheel hub assembly

The wheel is considered the most important invention in human history, as it has certainly changed how we transport goods and how we travel. The wheels on your car may be of a different material than the ones used thousands of years ago but they are still the same thing. What makes them a little bit different though are the bearings which allow them to spin so effortlessly.

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PLA Explained – What Do Other 3D Printing Filaments Lack?

Polylactic acid or better known as PLA is considered to be the same thing to 3D printers as Windows is to PCs. This is the most commonly used filament for commercial 3D printers since it is an eco-friendly, low-warp thermoplastic that can be used for a variety of 3D printing applications. Although some say that it generates a sweet candy-like smell, PLA is considered to be generally odourless and it doesn’t require a heated bed (but it can be quite useful). This biodegradable filament is made from annually renewable resources and it can be composted. The PLA filament is stiff and strong but brittle. It is also considered a good option for beginners since it is affordable and it has a good shelf life. Continue reading

The Best Way to Cut Through Anything – What Do Cordless Saws Offer?

Handsaws are a type of hand tools that has been used for centuries to cut through any rigid and tough surfaces and objects. Lately, handsaws have been upgraded to perform the same task more effectively while making it easier for people to use them. These are known as power saws which have become the preferred type of saws nowadays as they save you a lot of effort and time and they are available in portable form-factors.

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Flattering Summer Styles for Mature Ladies

tulio-flower-dress Source: Tulio

Being a woman in your 50s doesn’t necessarily mean you should dress monotonously and boring. Instead, feel free to embrace stylish pieces that are age-appropriate and enjoy wearing them with confidence without worrying that you are looking too young or like you are trying too hard. Regardless of our age, we all want breezy, easy to wear pieces that are comfortable and trendy, especially during summertime. Continue reading

Your Guide to FCS – Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Fin

FCS Surfboard Fin

What Does FCS Stand for?

Introduced to Australians in 1992 and released globally in 1994, FCS Australia is a brand and a type of fin set-up that allows for more versatility and style. To this day, FCS (Fin Control System) is one of the most successful, popular, strongest and most widely used fin systems in the whole world.

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Walking on Clouds: How to Choose Comfortable Ladies Shoes

klouds boots

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”. This quote by Marilyn Monroe rings especially true for me. For one, wearing a pair of cute shoes that are an extension of my personal style makes me feel more confident. However, it’s also crucial for me that the shoes I wear are 100% comfortable. When I don’t worry that my shoes are too tight or that my ankles hurt, I can concentrate better on enjoying my day and finishing my responsibilities.

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Family-Friendly Camping Gear for Pleasant Outdoor Adventures

camping toilets portable

Spending time in nature with your loved ones can be both fun and healing. Even a short camping trip can soothe your mind, stimulate your brain by creating a sense of novelty and excitement, exercise your body, and help you reconnect with one another. Being surrounded by nothing but greenery and wildlife can remind you just how precious life is and what truly matters. Simply put, spending time outdoors can do wonders for your overall well-being.

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Everything You Need to Know About Off-Road Lights & How to Install Them

While your vehicle’s stock lights are good enough for illuminating your way when you’re on the road, once you step off the beaten trail, you might need more illumination to make sure you stay safe. 4×4 off road lights are some of the most sought-after accessories for enthusiasts looking to journey through the vast Australian outback. These lights are usually activated by a separate switch, and they aren’t linked to your high beams. Additionally, they shouldn’t be used for driving on the road as they may blind oncoming drivers.

4x4 off road lights

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