What Is A Chemise And Do I Need To Wear One?

The chemise shouldn’t be any news ladies! Lingerie stores sell a lot of these small but very fantasy-tickiling pieces of underwear. I am sure you have spotted them because these days they look like a lot of things, except something you would sleep in. So, I won’t be trying to smoothly take you to a conclusion in this post, but I’m going to say it clearly: yes, you do need to own a chemise and you do need to wear it as frequently as possible to help magic happen.


The first and most important reason as to why you, as a woman should own a chemise nightwear, is because the chemise is a sexy piece of lingerie, which means you will feel and look sexy even when you go to bed. Just ask any man what he finds more attractive: a woman in baggy cotton pajamas, or the vision of a woman in a satin short chemise with her legs and arms naked? I think you get the picture. And I know you’ll be like: „The winter cold makes all that sexy exhibition a lot harder than it sounds “ but hey, isn’t this reason enough to turn up the heat in the bedroom your way?

The chemise nightwear wasn’t always something women used to sleep in. Back in medieval times the chemise used to be worn by both men and women. It served as a simple smock with the sole purpose of keeping sweat and body oils from leaving stains on clothes. As such, it was mainly made of cotton and women wore it under their dresses while men under their trousers.

Today, the chemise is a whole different story. For starters, it is worn only by women, and it can be either worn as a nightwear or under dresses and shirts made of semitransparent materials. The vast offer of chemises today includes all kinds of designs, made mainly of gentle materials like satin and silk with details made of lace for the maximum sexy effect.

Think of the chemise nightwear this way; it would be a huge waste of the good bedroom interior design and ambiance if you cannot allow yourself to feel feminine, sexy and in-power in it. You know, the scene has a very high influence on the intensity of the roleplay. After all, you are a woman, and being the object of lust and desire by your man is the biggest compliment you can get.

So, a friendly suggestion: whether you are going to do it online or in a store, decide right now that you are going to buy one or two chemises as an investment in your sexy attitude, good feelings about yourself and your sex life, of course.


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