Online Training Courses: Taking Notes As Your Mind Wants

Classes during which an actual professor stands in front of you differ largely in many aspects from the popular latest craze – online training courses, however, as many of you will find out sooner or later, there is one big similarity – you have to take notes.

Not only that by taking notes you will be accumulating valuable information to use later, your brain will also organize and store the things you need to learn in a more chronological order. The readiness to make use of what you’ve heard and then written is much greater than hearing something alone, since now you’ve added a kinesthetic and visual aspect to the experience.


Now that we have decided upon the need to take notes during online training courses, you need to learn a few tips that can help you get the best of what has caught your attention. Here are our suggestions:

Write, Don’t Type

As we mentioned previously, our brain’s capacity expands whenever we are activating several different aspects and functions. Writing with your hand will help you take your eyes off the screen and feel the phrases in a more physical way. It can also add another dimension to the process of transferring the information from short to long term memory – you will be able to draw pointers, arrows, maps or anything else that will help you emphasize the most important tidbits.

Narrow Your Focus

One extremely important rule of thumb is to give up on trying to write down everything you hear. It simply doesn’t make sense. You have to trust your own ability to fill in the gaps and manage to take down the most prominent parts and organize them in order of importance. The mere effort to focus on the most important sharpens and enhances your ability to remember more. Whenever you’re adding another layer for the same purpose, you will notice that you are able to remember even things that you didn’t pay much attention to.

Make Mind Maps

Apart form writing, drawing meaningful maps through the method of mind mapping plays a vital role in remembering g more fact during online training courses . The reason for this lies in the fact that now you’re not simply copying what you hear, but you are using your intelligence to create meaningful connection among the accumulated facts.

By applying these tips to your studying routine, you will be able to spend less time revising the material, yet, your understanding of the material itself will be firmer.

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