Poppers: Fun That Doesn’t Pop Up as a Job Block

As someone who likes doing recreational drugs like weed and MDMA on the weekends, the transition from college to job hunting meant I had to stop doing anything of the sort in order not to fail a potential drug test at a company. While I’m not an addict, I still wanted to party with friends, and it’s kinda hard to resist when everyone is passing the bowl around.

Buy-Jungle-Juice-PoppersAnyway, I got a job at an IT company with drug unfriendly policies and I was required to take a mandatory drug test as a part of the hiring process, and then there were blanket drug tests every now and then that I would need to pass if I worked there. Anyhow, I had stopped doing recreational drugs for a while, but the temptation was always there when I was hanging out with my friends. Then it hit me – I could probably still do poppers.

For those who don’t know, poppers are inhalants that were predominantly used by gay people back in the eighties. Their effects are short-lived, and their contents are quickly broken down into undetectable metabolites. This means that they’re undetectable in both urine and blood drug tests. I decided to buy jungle juice poppers, one of the most popular brands out there.

Since poppers are illegal here in Australia, if you want to buy jungle juice poppers, you have to do it online. There are also a couple of other popular brands like Amsterdam and Rush, all of which have the similar high, so you can go with either one. Jungle juice poppers are well known for their short-term high and the warm, fuzzy, euphoric sensation that they give the user.

Personally, my favourite thing to do while high on poppers, or any other recreational drug for that matter, is having sex. I promise, once you have sex while on recreational drugs, normal sex never feels the same. That’s what I hate most about drugs – they make everything so fun and intense, you don’t get to experience sex in the same way when you’re sober.

Anyway, as long as you don’t overdo it with poppers, they’re pretty safe. You’ll experience a headache and have a harder time breathing the next morning if you have used them frequently throughout the previous night and if you have combined them with alcohol. But other than that, you’ve got nothing to worry about. I did have to take a few drug tests since I started using poppers, and I passed all of them without any problem.

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