Nursing Home Flooring: Tips for Making the Right Choice

Aged care centres need to consider all the needs of their residents. Since falls in older adults is one of the leading causes of serious injuries and fatalities, especially in elders with limited physical capacities, arthritis, osteoporosis or gait issues, aged care facilities need to look for ways to reduce the risk of falls. One of the first things to consider is to find the right nursing home flooring solution and make your elderly facility senior-friendly.


But choosing the right flooring is not an easy process and requires a balance of performance and design. When it comes to choosing floor coverings for an aged care centre, it’s all about creating an ambience that helps people to feel comfortable and relaxed.

There are so many different flooring solutions on the market, which can make the entire process a bit tricky for decision-makers. To narrow down your choices, here are the key features that can help you decide on the best flooring option that both the residents and carers will love.

Slip Resistance

Every aged care facility has to provide residents and employees with a safe and healthy environment. It can be easily achieved by choosing aged care flooring that minimises the chances of falling over or slipping. For the senior to move around safely, you need to look for a flooring material that offers a non-slip surface. That being said, a material with high friction is a great choice as it’s highly slip-resistant.

Great Cushioning

In case of any senior trips and falls due to certain health issues, the flooring should be able to minimise the impact of the fall.


Ease of Movement

It’s important to choose a flooring that’s easy to walk and traverse on. You can find nursing home flooring that allows the residents to move around with ease and use a wheelchair or walker without damaging the floor.

Easy Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, flooring hygiene is a top priority of every aged care centre. For that reason, look for a surfacing that needs minimal maintenance and doesn’t hold water. However, the main concern of an aged care centre is to avoid the spread of infections as the elderly can easily get sick, so you need a type of flooring that prevents dirt-build up and germs spread.

Comfort Level

You need a flooring solution that allows seniors to move around comfortably either by foot or with a walker or wheelchair.

Variety of Choices

Each one of the points above should be prioritised concerning the location. The alley or the hallway of the aged care facility is a high traffic zone, so slip resistance, ease of movement and maintenance are the main factors to be considered here.

Most aged care centres need more than one flooring type. Different areas like bathrooms and common rooms require different flooring compared to hallways. There are several flooring options to choose from and find the most suitable one for each space and the purpose it’s going to serve.


Durability of the Floors

With staff and residents walking through these areas on a daily basis, another important thing to consider is a flooring solution that will not wear over time. Highly durable flooring will withstand regular impact from heavy foot traffic. It’s a great deal for your budget, too, because with a solid warranty you could rest assured that the floor will last for many years.

Designs and Materials

Modern designs offer practical flooring solutions in a variety of colours and design that can fit in any aged care interior. The environment has a big impact on the overall experience, so if residents and staff feel at ease, it will result in positive outcomes at the end of the day. In the end, you want the flooring to look good and complement the look of your aged care centre and a warm and welcoming environment will create a positive impact on any visitor who’ll walk through the facility.

When it comes to flooring, the comfort quality and the design freedom of materials like vinyl make it a perfect option for aged care flooring. It’s a resilient flooring solution, easy to maintain, doesn’t stain and doesn’t damage from water. Vinyl flooring is difficult to tear or damage and can stand up to high foot traffic. It’s durable, so it’s unlikely to damage it using a walker or wheelchair.

Most importantly, vinyl flooring for aged care centres is specifically designed to provide slip resistance. It has built-in padding that helps to minimise the amount of shock to the body in case of a fall. When selecting the vinyl flooring, you can look for a product with a bit more underlayment to ensure safety.

Another great advantage of vinyl flooring is the simple and easy installation process. Even better, there is a variety of vinyl flooring options that look like natural wood, ceramic tile, abstract effects, stone or other types of floors, so you can choose whatever is most suitable to the interior of your aged care facility.

Moreover, you can look for vinyl flooring that features dementia-friendly design schemes through a contemporary decoration in a selection of tonal hues. Most of them are available in an adhesive-free, ready to lay product, which can reduce installation time.

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