What to Do if Your Kid’s Insisting on Ears Piercings

Ear piercing kids source: bloghappens

Ear piercings are a popular way of making a fashion statement and are very common among teenagers, young adults and rebellious spirited people. They wear all sorts of cool ear piercings, such as daith piercing, rook piercing and industrial piercing, and they immediately look more stylish and classy. As a consequence, many kids want to get unusual and unique ear piercings too. While many parents think that getting their babies and kids punctured at a young age is normal, I personally disagree and don’t like seeing young children with pierced ears.

Most babies have their ears pierced before they turn one year, thanks to their parents who do not think of the possible dangers. For example, babies could literally rip their ears apart with their little, bare hands by pulling the earring in all directions. Also, they could easily get ear infection, because their immune systems are not fully developed yet. If you don’t want to put your baby under these kind of threats, you should wait until your baby is at least 1 year old to get their ears pierced.

Aside from babies, there are kids who desperately want to get their ears pierced and would do literally everything just to get the approval from their parents. Ear piercings are indeed a personal decision, but what do you do when your young one becomes a pain in the ass about this emerging trend? Your kid is probably still young to understand the permanence of different ear piercings and take responsibility for the aftercare, which is very important.

If your kid’s insisting on getting daith piercing, tragus piercing or any other type of cartilage piercing, you should sit him\her down and tell him\her that he\she is already unique. Remind them of their best personality traits, their good school grades, their cool friends and of course,their awesome parents who support them immensely. Make it clear that unique ear piercing types do not make a person any more unique than they already are; it is just something that the media wants us to believe in.

Take Emma Watson for example. She was not allowed to pierce her ears before she turned fifteen years old. The earrings you can spot on her as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies are clip-ons, because her ears weren’t pierced yet. Also, tell him\her to not make decisions on a whim, because the ear piercing hole stays for life. Until they turn 20, maybe different types of ear piercings will be in and you’ll regret getting the ones you want now.

The only requirement to get an ear piercing is to be of legal age (18+) or if younger, to have a consent form signed by both parents. Without your permission, your kid’s ears are safe. The right thing to do is to let them make the decision of getting ear piercings for themselves when they come of age.

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