A SteriPEN Adventurer as Part of the Bare Necessities Kit of Every Traveller

If you’re one of the adventurers with an urge to uncover the mysteries of far off lands, then the world is your oyster. There is just something about travelling that feeds the soul unlike any other activity – the meeting of different cultures, trying out mouthwatering food and tastes you’ve never even dreamed of. Most of all, perhaps, it’s about connecting with yourself. The more places you visit, the more you see even despite appearances, the values of people are still universal. As a person of the world, you probably had your share of journeys by now and feel the need to undertake more, inspiring yourself with backpacking films like Wild, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and 127 Hours. Whether it is backpacking, camping, mountain biking or a similar outdoor activity that makes its way as part of your plans, packing smart and staying organised is essential to keep you on track.

Though it might seem thrilling, proper travelling of the sort requires meticulous planning and keeping in mind not to compromise your health. More so if you’re going solo. Unless you’re Bear Grylls, have watched his survival videos, or are an experienced scout who knows how to manage in the great outdoors, especially when it comes to water purification, you will need the use of a SteriPEN Adventurer. The reasons to buy this device are numerous as it will prove to be the best tool you can carry with you. It’s designed to be handy, keep you safe and provide you with clean water while being lightweight so you won’t have to worry about carrying extra weight. It can be especially of use when you’re travelling through developing countries as you might not know where microscopic danger is lurking. Water can be even more contaminated during warm seasons, so precaution must always be taken, be it during short-term or long-term travels.


The SteriPEN Adventurer will prove to be the best investment you will make considering it’s your health that is at stake. This ingenious design comes with a protective case that can easily be attached to a belt and it has two lithium batteries that can either be disposable or rechargeable (your choice). The LED optical water sensor can also function as a flashlight and help you when you’re trying to read maps and find your way at night as well as locate a water source. The UV lamp is long-lasting, (8,000 water treatments to be precise) and it kills microorganisms by deactivating their DNA. If you want to purify a litre of water, you have to hit the button once and hold the SteriPEN in the water for 90 seconds. For half a litre, hit the button twice and hold it for 48 seconds. While purifying, the lamp is on, and once the process is done, it will be lit green. In the case of improper purifying, the lamp will flash red, letting you know the water is still not safe for drinking.

You can purify water from streams, lakes or local tap water anywhere you go in an instant which makes this device more than a tool. You will have fresh water to drink anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about ending up in the ER with gastrointestinal problems caused by harmful bacteria and microbes. You know what they say: Better safe than sorry. Safe travels!

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