Back Pain Support Belt: What Features are Right for You

If your job requires you to do heavy lifting, you should consider using a back pain support belt to help prevent potential harmful injuries to your back. The forces that go through the lumbar spine when you lift can be considerably damaging and a back pain support belt can help reduce direct impact on the lumbar spine while encouraging proper pushing and bending techniques.

Although improper lifting of heavy objects is one of the main causes of back pain, poor posture can also result in back discomfort. Back pain support belt also aids correcting posture. Models reinforced with plastic and metal can be adjusted to correct and keep the normal curve of the spine thus relieving the pain around the lower section.

Back Pain Support Belt

Here are some important bits of information you need to know regarding back pain support belts.


There are two types of back pain support belt: lumbar and full back support belt. A lumbar back pain support belt wraps around the lower back and is usually used by those who do a lot of bending and lifting on a daily basis. Some models feature adjustable suspenders or straps that allow the user to adjust how tight they want their belt to be. A full back pain support belt covers the entire back, from waist to shoulders and is usually recommended to people who need to correct their posture or recover from back injury.


A belt should be made from a material that is firm enough to provide support. Belts made from nylon or plastic are more rigid and tend to last longer, making them ideal for daily use. Belts made from steel rod are often used for therapeutic purposes, but this will depend on your doctor advice.


Choosing the right size of belt to protect your lumbar area or entire back is important to ensure you get the required support for your daily tasks. With a measuring tape, measure your lower back and then match the number you got with the size given for the model you want to choose. If your mid-section is a bit larger, you may want to consider a size larger for extra comfort. For a truly adjustable fit, consider a model that offers adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable posterior support, and an abdominal compression system.


Make sure you check a variety of options and choose one that is of high quality. Do not sacrifice a quality belt brand for a cheaper one just because it will cost you a little more. Investing in a quality belt will help you recover quickly and return to your daily activities faster.

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