What Benefits do Body Lifts Offer

It’s pretty much common knowledge that if you own a truck, and want to take it off-roads, having a good suspension or full body lift is extremely beneficial. However, not many people understand why. Yeah, they might say people usually lift their trucks because it looks cool, but there are a few other benefits that actually add to the functionality of the truck off the road that many aren’t aware of.

Toyota Hilux

Even the most popular 4×4 in Australia – the Toyota HiLux can benefit from a body lift, and finding a separate Toyota HiLux body lift component, or an entire kit altogether can be worthwhile. You can find a Toyota HiLux body lift component or kits very easy thanks to the internet, and the popularity of the HiLux. This might not be the case with every other truck, but generally, you shouldn’t have much trouble if you know where to look. Onto the benefits.

Ground Clearance

The biggest benefit of lift kits is the improved ground clearance. A normal truck can easily get stuck in a rut, while a lifted truck would have no problem just passing over them without even giving them a second thought. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the angle. Not the angle of the trail, but the departure, breakover and approach angles of your truck. These three angles indicate the level of hill steepness your truck can climb, how steep of a crest your truck can overcome and the steepest grade you can go without bumping your rear bumper into a hill. Usually, the higher your truck is the better the angle will be.

Towing Potential

Lifting your truck will provide you more towing potential. Moreover, you can load and unload your truck easier, and have a better driving experience while towing. A body lift gives the truck a higher centre of gravity, and it will become safer to haul heavier objects like big boats or large trailers. Speaking of boats, a body lift can help you launch the boat into the water, and prevent a ton of water from getting into your truck’s interior before the boat is ready to come off.

An Improved View and Look

A body lift can improve your view on the road, which in turn will improve your safety on the road as well. A better view usually means quicker response to threats and more overall awareness. This can help keep you out of trouble both on and off the road.

And lastly, a lifted truck just looks damn good, and has a more aggressive and a better all-around style, which is something anyone can learn to appreciate. A lifted truck also allows for larger tires, which can easily make you stand out in a large crowd.

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