Bosch Alarms – What You Need To Know

Since 2001, the popular engineering and electronic manufacturer Bosch has added alarm security systems in its product line. Bosch, along with Detection Systems company and Radionics Inc., is striving to provide a complete satisfaction and protection to whoever is in need of a security system. Bosch security systems are available in Australia, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Bosch alarms in Melbourne are very popular, as well as in the rest of Australia. In the dangerous world we live, it is of great importance to have your mind at peace every time you leave your house.


There are many people in Australia that want to feel absolutely safe. People are mostly concerned about the people they love, about themselves and some care about their expensive inventory. Regardless of the reason, one of the most effective ways to protect your house and feel safe is to implement a Bosch alarm system. Bosch alarms Melbourne offers are definitely the new generation of property protection. These alarms have a unique and innovative design that meets the needs of each customer. Smart cameras, HD videos, wireless microphone system and smoke detection system are just some of the many features that Bosch security systems have.

Simple and easy to use, Bosch alarms do not require a specific training or knowledge for operation. There is a manual with each device. Bosch alarms are featured with professional Quad Zone PIR Crow sensors, which fault rate is almost zero. If you have any pets in your house, these security systems will never wake you up in the middle of the night because your pet has been caught by the alarm. The sensors are able to recognize the difference between a person and a pet. Additionally, Bosch alarms are immune to insects, air conditioners, lights and heaters.

Bosch alarms Melbourne offers provide a video and pictures of highest quality in order to increase the safety of the house (or property). The cameras of this intelligent security system are capable of identifying a human face from a potential burglar or to zoom in the unknown vehicle in front of your house. You probably think that this is impossible because of the darkness, but no, these cameras are able to provide a clear view in the darkest nights.

With a protection of 24/7, the possibility of burglars getting into your house is significantly reduced. You can be sure that you, your family and your house will be well-protected. If a burglar gets into your house, the Bosch alarm will detect this, notify the security company which will then contact the police.

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