Choosing The Right Kids Toys For The Right Age – What To Do

Kids toys play an important role for children’s growing up and development. They are great tools for developing and improving their mental and physical skills and what is most important – the child’s happiness is guaranteed. When your child is happy, you are a happy person as well, right?


Today, the toy industry offers a broad spectrum of colorful toys for kids of any age. Sometimes, parents get confused and don’t know which toy is right for their child due to the enormous offer on the toy market. If you are a parent too, you might be facing some troubles while choosing toys for your child, so here are some tips that you might find helpful before making the final decision.

    • If your child is less than 6 months old, you don’t have to bother with complex kids toys, because this is the age when your baby needs you the most. In other words, it is you as a parent, who needs to make your little one happy. At this age, babies are fascinated by senses and they discover different things with their senses and movements. Interact with your baby with your voice and face. This will help you to make a deeper and even closer connection with your little one.However, there are some kids toys suitable for this age too, such as soft stuffed animals, bath toys, and toys that shake and make sounds. Babies want to touch things, want to touch the texture and explore different senses. Usually, babies put the toy in their mouth, so that is why you need to pick a toy that is safe for your baby. This means toys that have no sharp edges, toys that are not toxic, and non-glass toys.
    • Toddlers (1-3 years old) are also eager to experiment and discover new things. They want to manipulate with their hands and they are especially interested in moving toys. At this stage, the best kids toys are cars, trucks, moving dolls, shape sorters, blocks with rounded corners and simple take-apart toys.
    • After the forth year, kids begin to socialize with the surrounding, and this is the age when their mental skills are beginning to shape their lives. They enjoy the games of pretending and imagination, so you need to choose toys like drawing with crayons, puzzles, farm and house sets, baby dolls, barbies, Lego bricks and even toys in the form of different music instruments. All this huge variety of different types of toys are extremely helpful to develop and enhance children’s motor and creativity skills.

Here is a simple video that might give you an idea about which toy to choose for your kid –

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