Gardening Tips for Beginners

So you’ve decided to dive into the exciting world of gardening; great decision. Gardening is without any doubt one of the best recreational activities you can fulfill your spare time with. Enjoyment, relaxation, physical activity and fresh food are some of the top reasons to get into this great hobby.

But, as a beginner, you’re certainly confused and don’t know where to start from. To be straightforward, to dig into the adventure called gardening you need diligence and a lot of free time on your hands. In fact, what you need to do before you start, is deciding on the type of plants you plan to grow and learn the basic, yet crucial rules for gardening.

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When it comes to the selection of plants online Melbourne nurseries are here to save you from additional costs and headaches from the very beginning. Now, you can shop for the exact type of plants you want and explore new types you haven’t had to chance to grow, from the comfort of your own home. Just make your selection and leave the rest of the work to the professionals that will deliver your plants right to your doorstep. In the meantime, make sure you have everything prepared.

Before you buy plants online Melbourne horticulturists recommend that you learn more about the needs of the particular species such as the type of soil they need, fertilizers and the amount of watering. Do not worry, I have prepared a few tips to help you get started in the exciting world of gardening.

Tip #1: Get to Know Your Garden Area

Different plants have different requirements in terms of climate and sun exposure. For that reason, the first thing you need to do in order to choose plants that are native to your region is to understand the climate conditions and the sun exposure factor. This way, you will understand what are your options.

Tip #2: Examine the Soil

The soil is one of the determining factors when it comes to successful gardening. Alkalinity is the most important feature of the soil that influences the way the plants absorb water and nutrients. Namely, different types of soil have different pH levels. Soil that easily crumbles in your hands is suitable for growing many different plants, while the clay-like type is much more difficult.

Tip #3: Don’t Bite More Than You Can Chew

As a beginner in gardening, you should start with plants that are easier to grow. If you don’t want to loose motivation for gardening, steer away from plants that need months to grow and those which are very demanding and complicated. Therefore, growing vegetables, grass plants, and herbs should be an ideal start for beginners.

Tip #4: Create a Space Plan

Yes, before you plant the plants they all seem small, and you probably think that you can fit more plants in a small piece of land. But instead of thinking in the short term, you should think about what would happen when the plants grow up. For that reason before you choose and buy plants online Melbourne gardening experts recommend learning more about the expected size of certain plants once they grow so that you can make a plan about the amount of land at your disposal. Otherwise, it is more than probable that your garden will be overcrowded with plants.

Tip #5: Be Patient

Gardening is not something that gives results overnight; on the contrary, it takes some time to get the expected results. For that reason, keep in mind that patience is the key to a rewarding gardening. Keep a notebook of all of your daily activities in the garden; create a calendar and schedule the important chores such as fertilizing and treating pests; water the plants regularly; keep up the good work and your success is guaranteed!

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