What Benefits to Expect From a Ground Penetrating Radar

One of the first things construction companies do before they start working on a brand new project is call in surveyors to map the project site and pinpoint the underground utilities, regardless of whether that’s indoors or outdoors. One of the most commonly used tools for that particular job are ground penetration testing radars. These reliable instruments are the only non-intrusive way to locate non-conductive and non-metallic underground services such as concrete, plastic, gas and water lines, asphalt, terracotta, direct-buried fibre optics, and composite pipes.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetrating radars work similarly to the sonar devices used on boats. The receiver locates the back-scattered signal, records it and displays it on a screen indicating the position and depth of the underground utility. You can find a ground penetrating radar for sale online relatively easy nowadays, and there are various different models that host a wide variety of features. Finding the ideal ground penetrating radar for sale has many benefits for your projects, including the following.

Ensuring You’re Right on Schedule

Meeting deadlines is probably the most important part of almost any project, regardless in which commercial sector the task is being done. Engineers, contractors and architects spend a lot of time planning and all of that costs money. Avoiding unforeseen issues is one of the biggest concerns for project managers. Cutting a utility pipe or damaging it during excavation will bear dire consequences, so I think most people would agree that it’s better to prevent than deal with the aftermath.

Dealing With a Tight Budget

Due to the ever-increasing competition, the construction and maintenance industries work with very tight budgets and schedules. That being said, every time something goes south and needs fixing, you lose a significant amount of profit. For instance, damaging a fibre optic cable can cost your business thousands of dollars. Not only will you have to pay for the repairs and extra work hours of the employees fixing the issue, but you’ll likely have to pay the local businesses for interrupting their services.

Easier Decision Making

Locating underground utilities on the work site provides you with useful information that can be crucial for making and adjusting your construction plans. Most ground penetrating radars allow you to work around potential issues right on site, thus allowing you to make efficient and cost-effective decisions and calculations.

Prevent Employee and Site Safety Risks

Unarguably the most important benefit of locating underground utilities is diminishing the risk of employee injury. Safety is a primary concern to all project managers, and it includes the safety of pedestrians, the safety of the community, contractors, maintenance and service teams. Ground penetrating radars and vacuum excavation are the top two services regarding employee safety.

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