Latex Mattress Buying Tips What to consider to ensure you get superior support and comfort

Latex Mattress sleeping

If you are in a need of a new mattress, the process of picking one that’s just right for you can be quite daunting. Generally, mattresses are difficult to research for properly, due to retailers listing them as different models which makes it hard to do proper price comparisons. However, luckily for both you and me, the internet exists, and it makes it so much easier to go online, research, read reviews and pick what we think would be the best fit for us.

The mattress itself is not something that will make your room look better, so it might be hard to imagine spending large sums on money on it at first, however, the quality of the mattress is the key to having a good night’s sleep, and that is invaluable. You’ll be spending one third of your life in bed, so you might as well make that time worthwhile.

When it comes to choosing the type of fabric that the mattress is made of, a safe choice is always the latex matress. They are generally durable and have a huge life-span – you will potentially not have to buy another mattress for another 20-plus years. Plus, these mattresses are fire retardant and non-toxic. These safety standards, so these features are likely to come with every latex matress that you may find yourself stumbling upon.

Here are the types of latex mattresses based on the type of latex they are constructed from.

  • Synthetic Latex – These are made from man-made materials, also known as styrene-butadiene, which is a type of rubber made of petroleum-based materials and can often be blended in with polyurethane. This particular type is cheaper, quite consistent in quality, but tends to be less resilient and durable than other types of latex.

  • Natural Latex – Natural latex is a natural friendly material derived from latex tress. It’s tapped from living trees and it’s processed into a sustainable, Eco-friendly product. Unlike synthetic latex mattresses, these are far more durable and resilient. However, producing this type of latex mattresses is an expensive process, so naturally, it will cost you more.

  • Blended Latex – A combination of the previous two, most often made from 80% synthetic and 20% natural latex. These percentages may vary from product to product but for the most part, the larger portion of the latex is synthetic. They are usually in the price range between the natural and synthetic mattresses and have features from both synthetic and natural latex.

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