What to Look for in a Security Screen Door

We all know the feeling – it’s hot and stuffy inside and you want to open your front door to let some refreshing air in. But you know how an open door is an open invitation for burglars, insects, and all kinds of intruders to get in and disturb the serenity and security of your home. So how can you protect your valuables and keep your family safe without feeling like you’re confined in a concrete prison? The answer is by installing a security screen door.

Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors are especially popular in Australia, considering that homes are burgled every 15 – 20 minutes in Victoria and NSW. Not to mention the fact that we’re home to the most diverse wildlife, including a frightening number of venomous snakes and scorpions. So considering these statistics, it’s no wonder you’re considering fitting your home with some robust security screen doors.

If you’re wondering what kind of security door you would need, it all depends on your location and certain factors concerning your personal life. For instance, if you live in a neighbourhood that has a high crime rate, or are a public person, businessman, politician, or any kind of an authority figure, you might want to consider the more advanced options, such as a steel door with a steel grill. If you’re only looking for the appearance of security, want to prevent your child from walking out the door unsupervised, or just want to keep out bugs – an aluminium door might suffice.

But even if your screen door is made from the most impenetrable material that exists, it can still be easily broken into unless you’ve made sure to secure it with the proper locks. The best type of security locks for a screen door are five-pin cylinder, or an equivalent to them, as they are incredibly hard to pick. Three point locks are also effective in deterring intruders as they prevent the bottom and top of the door from being wrenched back. The most vulnerable type of locks are considered to be wafer locks.

Whatever door you choose, be careful. It’s common for a product to be falsely advertised as a “security screen door” and still not be able to protect you against anything. Before you decide to make a purchase, make sure to check that a security door meets the relevant Australian Standard AS5039=2008. When it comes to the installation process, ask the company that’s fitting your door for a written guarantee that claims they meet the AS5040 standard for installation.

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