What You Should Consider When Buying a Skateboard

There are many questions that naturally arise when looking for your first board. What size should I get? What type of trucks? What wheels are best for me? These are the main questions for every beginner and nowadays, since there are so many options to chose from, it is crucial to know the most important factors in order to make a foolproof decision.


The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going to be putting your board together yourself or you’re just going to buy a complete board. If the first option rings your bell more, I’ll tell you right away that putting your skateboard together is not that complicated, you just need to know what size to look for and the proper trucks that go with it. The benefit of building your own board is that it gives you more control regarding the type of riding style you are looking to get.

When it comes to choosing the deck of your skateboard you can find width ranging anywhere between 19cm to 24cm. The width of your board determines the type of riding style you are going to get, wider means heavier and thinner means more lightweight. This determines the type of tricks you will feel more comfortable doing, lighter boards are best for doing flip tricks and are easier to manoeuvre whereas wider boards give you more stability and allow you to go faster.

The width of the trucks is determined by the width of your board. A good rule of thumb to check for is whether the trucks are even with the end of your board. The second factor is height – you need to make sure you have enough room between your deck and the wheels, especially when turning. This is important because the board can touch the wheels and thus act as a break making you slow down or worse – through you off.

When it comes to the type of wheels you should chose, the same factors apply – width determines the style of riding much like the board. They come in a range from 50mm to 65mm. Narrower wheels make your board lighter and allow for more technical skateboarding including manuals and flips. Bigger wheels are best suited for cruising and provide a more stable ride and they give you the ability to go faster which makes them perfect for getting around town.

So whether you are looking for a skateboard that is designed for more technical riding or a board that you want to use to cruse around town, these options should give you an idea of what type of skateboard to go for.

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