What Are Some Inexpensive but Powerful Thermal Imaging Cameras

The onset of thermal imaging has literally transformed the way we see things. All objects emit infrared radiation at different wave lengths as a result of their temperatures. However, a normal eye could never notice this energy before specialized thermal imaging cameras came along. These cameras detect infrared radiation similarly to how ordinary cameras detect visible light.

Thermal cameras have a variety of uses such as detecting air leaks in pressurized systems and vehicle tires; testing electrical installations for any hot connections or faults; building and energy inspections; pest control; medical / veterinary and science purposes and many more. The fact that they have become much cheaper over the years has made them affordable for both successful and small companies. But despite the fact that their price has been significantly reduced, some models have remained equally powerful, for example:


The FLIR E5 thermal imaging camera has been considered the gold standard in the infrared camera industry for years now. Its thermometer has an accuracy of +/- 1 degree which makes it one of the most accurate cameras out there. Its main selling point is its simplified menu which doesn’t require you to be an expert to be able to handle it. Just with one click of a button you can capture and save both infrared and visual images for analyzing and comparing them later with the help of the FLIR tools software. It’s not often that you can find an inexpensive camera that can detect air leaks. However, the E5 is able to correctly pinpoint leaks in pressurized systems, tires and whatnot. Moreover it’s built from very strong material which can survive being dropped from a height of about 2 meters, while being incredibly light to hold. So, if you’re looking for a solid, dependable and user-friendly camera at a low cost, the FLIR E5 thermal imaging camera is the one for you.

DeWalt Imager

When you hear DeWalt you immediately think of their line of power tools and hand drills. But the high demand of thermal imaging cameras has inspired them to create their own. Not having much experience in the thermal imaging business means that this camera may not be up there with FLIR E5 regarding quality, but it tops it by being cheaper. If price is your main concern, this camera is maybe the cheapest option while still having a decent quality. It may not be the most accurate camera with a +/-3 degrees accuracy, but it can be used for locating moisture in buildings.


Don’t let the brand name fool you, its technology is far from being a fluke. It’s mainly used by contractors in inspecting leaks. It’s not the most accurate for pinpointing electrical faults, but it’s better than a standard temperature gun. Its best feature is its compact and miniature design which makes it easy for carrying around with you. The screen isn’t huge so it doesn’t take up too much space, but it’s large enough to see clearly what is going on in an image. Like the two mentioned above, this camera includes an SD card memory which lets you create and retain hundreds of images for analyzing later.

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