What Are The Benefits And How Much Does Microdermabrasion Cost?

If you already made peace with the the fact that your face is eventually going to wrinkle – great! Now you can actually do something to prolong the time before this natural condition occurs to you. While speaking of possible solutions, have you ever considered microdermabrasion? But whether you have or have not yet, I am sure one of the first things that came to your mind was the question how much would microdermabrasion cost you and whether it is worth it? Well, once you become familiarized with the procedure and its enormous benefits, it will be easier for you to draw your conclusion. For that purpose, let me break it down for you.

Microdermabrasion, or as you may have encountered it, Diamond Peel, Microderm, Parisian peel or lunch time peel, is an exfoliating skin treatment. Make sure you do not mistake it with dermabrasion; the latter is an invasive surgical procedure performed by medical professionals using general anesthesia. The aim of microdermabrasion is to improve the condition of wrinkles, scars and any fine lines that may appear on your face. It is painless and it does not require any recovery time.


The Procedure

The procedure involves using a fine-abrasive tip and a vacuum; suction is applied to the affected skin areas. Furthermore, the speed and pressure of the vacuum can be adjusted according to the level of sensitivity of the patient’s skin. No needles nor anesthetics are used and the only thing you will feel is something similar to a cat licking your face.

Here’s what happens: the stratum corneum, or the first of the three layers of skin is removed with the first strike. This is very similar to brushing your teeth and cleaning the plaque off of them. Once that layer is completely off (this can last for about an hour when performed in a spa or a medical facility), the patient simply puts some light cream and continues with their day as usual. There is no pain, no scarring and no time required for healing. However, these results are very short-termed, which means you will need to get more than one treatment to see long-lasting results.

The Benefits

  • No pain – As mentioned before, the procedure is completely painless, opposite to other skin rejuvenation procedures that include needles and surgery;
  • Fast results – You get to see your smooth face immediately after the treatment is over, so having doubts about the microdermabrasion cost has literally no weight against this satisfaction;
  • No skin type – There are no requirements for the type of skin on which microdermabrasion can be performed. It does not matter whether you have oily, normal, dry or combined skin, with the help of microdermabrasion, you can easily have the skin you have always dreamed of;
  • Refreshed and rejuvenated – After a few treatments, your skin will be refreshed and rejuvenated and it will stay that way for quite some time;
  • No clogged pores – Your pores will be clean and clear and most importantly, unnoticeable!
  • No acne scars – Acne scars are not a pleasant sight at all, and thanks to microderabrasion, you will no longer have to deal with them.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure offered by spas and medical facilities where certified dermatologists work. As such, the microdermabrasion cost can vary from $150-$250 per treatment and if you follow the basic recommendation – to get at least 10 treatments, that would probably cost you about $1500-$2500 at high-end spa professionals and dermatologists. Now, consider everything you just read and create a picture of yourself with basically no wrinkles, rejuvenated and refreshed skin. It is more than worthy, isn’t it?

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