What Does Your Letterbox Say About You?

Every aspect of your home can say a lot about you. You might have noticed this when you go to someone else’s place, for example, as soon as you’re in the door you can get a feel of the person’s personal tastes and style which can tell you a lot about someone’s character. The truth is, people’s impressions of us start way before we even get inside a house, your neighborhood is something people may judge you on, your yard, even your letterbox.


While there are so many letterboxes available to you out there, have you ever stopped to really think about what impression your letterbox might make to your friends and family? Below we will go over what your letterbox might say about you (something to ponder on before contacting local or online letterbox shop)

A large letterbox with a wide opening with plenty of room inside suggests that you are exactly that kind of person, a positive, loving, welcoming kind of person. That maybe you’re someone who likes people and doesn’t get annoyed by junk mail or people who go around door to door. Sometimes this kind of letterbox can give a negative view that maybe whoever lives there is gullible or the type of people who are taken in by everything. Either way this mailbox generally screams that you’re a good person.


If you have a flat mailbox with a small flap that opens and closes; which you can barely fit a piece of mail inside, this might not speak greatly about who you are as a person. This may say that you walk around with pursed lips and a disapproving look about you or that you don’t really want to know or care about day to day trivial matters and could make you come off a bit uppity.

I know most people widely dislike letterboxes that are wide and narrow especially when they come with those bristles that are attached to the inside that are designed to stop draughts and keep mail from coming back out. If you have bristles on the inner side of your letterbox it may seem like you care too much about the details, it almost resembles a sort of trap. It may give off the impression that you are super protective and sensitive about trivial things.


The least liked letterbox of all time has to definitely be the spring loaded letterbox. These are almost cruel and can make you seem the same. The springs on this kind of letterbox you think have been perfectly designed to hurt you immensely but not enough to cause a fuss about it when your fingers get trapped. Someone with this letterbox may just not care enough or really dislikes the postman. Either way, if you do one one of those letterboxes, I think it’s time for you to go to the letterbox shop or browse online and pick out a nicer one.

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