What to Know About Caravan Towing

What’s so special about camping that’s turned into a never-fading trend all around Australia? Is it the opportunity to have a holiday without breaking the bank, or is it the opportunity to have a holiday being surrounded by nature? It’s actually the combination of both and to be honest camping is in our blood as our forefathers lived on campsites as soon as they settled. However, if you want to become an experienced camper and have memorable experiences whenever you take to the road, it’s important to take safety measures seriously, as is the towing.

Caravan Towing Hitch

When you’re a beginner, towing can seem like rocket science when you think of all the aspects with questions bothering you in the likes of whether your car is able enough to handle the towing, or whether it’s safe and how to actually do the corner turning. Just take a deep breath and relax, you’re soon going to be as experienced as other Aussie campers (it’s in your genes) you see on the road. Before you head out to discover more of the surrounding world and look for adventures, it’s crucial that you find out the weight of your vehicle as well as that of the caravan. This is something that would be of use to you when you’re buying a caravan towing hitch.

Though most caravans have brakes installed, especially those weighing over 750kg, there are still those that don’t have them and in such cases you can only tow them if they are lighter than the weight of the vehicle. When purchasing a caravan towing hitch, make sure it’s AS labelled, i.e. it conforms with Australian Standards which would mean it’s quality product built to last. Same as there are regulations related to the requirements of towing mirrors, lights and reflectors, there are certain regulations about towing.

For instance, vehicles weighing less than 4.5 tonnes, the maximum weight of the caravan should be lesser than that of allowed by the tow hitch or the maximum caravan mass specified by the maker of the tow vehicle. It’s important not to confuse the terms of weight and mass, as mass refers to the amount of matter in a body, and it’s measured in terms of the body’s resistance to acceleration. So, a word of caution is to never leave home without getting informed of the regulations, otherwise the chances of getting fined are high and worse, your safety could be put to question. You’d soon get used to the caravan, but until you do, try to drive slower and relaxed, loading up the caravan evenly so you better distribute the weight and avoid putting a strain on the towing hitch.

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