What You Need To Know About Dump Rigid Trucks

Dump trucks are an essential part of various construction projects, especially for development projects where the transport of materials, such as loose aggregate or large boulders is of high importance. Due to being an indispensable heavy-duty vehicle for various industrial applications, the design of the typical dump truck has been developed to suit different needs. The two most popular types of dump trucks are rigid dump trucks and articulated dump trucks.rigid-trucks-4

Rigid dump trucks feature a rigid chassis. Because they are perfectly suited for heavy-duty applications, dump rigid trucks for sale available on the market are widely preferred. These trucks have a heavy-duty chassis that is very similar to most commercial vehicles. The necessary components of rigid dump trucks are built around the rigid chassis, such as the engine, operator’s cabin, bed, steering components and axles. The unique design of dump rigid trucks for sale is standard for most commercial vehicles used for various purposes, simply because it has proven itself as a reliable and quite effective.

Rigid dump trucks offer advantages in maneuverability and job-site efficiency, especially under extremely off-road conditions. These vehicles not only drive and operate off typical roadways, but their components allow them to operate on the most difficult road conditions. The steering system of dump rigid trucks is held by reinforced heavy-duty tie rods that cannot easily bend or break, even after prolonged use on harsh terrains. The ground clearance and suspension is pretty high to make operating over muddy and rocky surfaces easier and without consequences.

The articulated dump trucks are equipped with a two-piece chassis, connected by a big articulated joint that is used as a pivot joint for front wheel steering. For easy movement, the articulated chassis is powered by hydraulic rams on both sides. Not only with a unique steering system, but articulated dump trucks come with many other off-road features that provide great capacity over all kinds of terrains. For example, the drive system features an automatic differential locking and all wheel drive for effective traction, regardless of the surface.

While articulated dump trucks are ideal for off-road operations, they are not all-purpose vehicles and not as versatile as the rigid dump trucks. On public roads, operating an articulated dump truck might be problematic because of its unique steering configuration.

So, which of these two dump trucks is a better choice, articulated or dump rigid trucks for sale? The answer depends on the operating conditions, required haul speed, loading capacity per haul and slope of the operating area. The differences between rigid and articulated dump truck are must-know if you need to select the right vehicle for the job.


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