What You Need To Know About Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Hair loss is the worst nightmare for every men. There is no certain reason for this condition. Some men start loosing hair even in their puberty. Hair might fall due to certain medications, hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, illness or genes. No one knows for sure what causes hair loss. There are numerous treatments for hair loss available these days, but you need to find the one that works best for you. One treatment that is quite popular and effective these days is the scalp micro pigmentation. This treatment is described as the best scar-free treatment for receding hairline.

Scalp micro pigmentation is the new revolutionary Treatment for Receding hairline. This simple procedure gives fast and efficient results, visible right after the first treatment. Scalp micro pigmentation is a unique tattoo technique that gives the appearance of a head full of tiny hair. After few treatments, your bald head will be covered with tiny dots that replicate the natural hair follicles. This unique treatment for Receding hairline is a perfect solution for every bald men who wants to avoid surgical procedures. The specialists for this treatment use all sorts of needles in order to copy the natural hair follicles as closely as possible.


Experts and specialists examine your natural hair color and inject matching pigments to simulate a head full of hair. For best results you must complete at least 3 sessions that last for 3 hours. Unlike the normal tattooing, this treatment doesn’t really penetrate the skin nor loses color over time. Specialists with tattoo skills will create a new hairline by creating small dots with matching color all over the scalp.

Thanks to this treatment for receding hairline, there is no need to undergo expensive surgical procedures. Even though you will not have your hair back, you will be able to cover the bald spots. People won’t be able to notice the difference. It will look like a new hair is growing again. No need to wear wigs, take medications or to use harsh hair loss products anymore. Thanks to this treatment, you will literally walk out of the clinic with head full of healthy hair.

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