What You Need to Know about Sleep Apnea and Resmed CPAP

Snoring is one of the most common sleeping condition that can happen literally to anyone. Even little children can snore, but usually, the reasons for this condition are swollen tonsils or a stuffy nose. When it comes to adults, the extra weight around the neck and sometimes the shape of the nose can play a huge role in whether a person snores or not. Unfortunately, in many cases, snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea.

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What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is considered a sleep disorder that can cause you to stop breathing when sleeping. This condition is not only disturbing for one’s partner, but it’s extremely dangerous for the one who snores as well, health-wise. Constant snoring can slowly but surely lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression and many other things. According to a study, sleep apnea impacts more than 936 million people around the world which is 10 times more than some previous estimates. Devastating, right?! Well, this information should be a wake-up call for all of you snorers. Getting checked is one of the first steps you can undertake to ease the snoring and prevent cardiovascular disease.

What Happens When You Have Sleep Apnea?

When having sleep apnea, the air stops flowing to the lungs for about 10 seconds (sometimes more). During this time, you stop breathing, so the brain is ‘obligated’ to send a signal to your body to wake up and take a breath. Once you start breathing, you go back to sleep and the cycle repeats all over again. That is why considering a treatment is needed. One of the most effective sleep apnea therapy includes the use of the best ResMed CPAP products. Thanks to the machines of this world-known and leading brand, the symptoms of sleep apnea can be considerably reduced, while the energy levels, productivity and overall wellness will be improved. As you can see, the use of quality and comfortable CPAP machines is paramount in the sleep apnea treatment. Otherwise, you are risking of developing serious health issues.

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What is a CPAP Machine?

CPAP machines are one of the best inventions on the market for treating sleep apnea. There are several types of CPAP machines, all promising to help you ease sleep apnea symptoms while not compromising on your sleep. CPAP machines work by delivering air through tubing into a mask that is worn on the face, That way, your the airway is constantly open, so there are no chances of snoring.

The Four Types of ResMed Machines

  • One PressureMachines

These CPAP machines are also known as fixed-pressure machines. In other words, they deliver one constant airflow pressure which is usually set by the doctor. When it comes to using one pressure machines from ResMed, the AirSense 10 series are the most appropriate for the purpose.

ResMed_AirSense_10_with_filter Source: Advanced Sleep Medicine Services
  • Auto-Adjusting Pressure Machines

Also known as APAP, these machines are auto-adjusting. They have the ability to change your airflow pressure level throughout the night which can change according to your sleeping position and your stage of sleep. Once again, ResMed Australia doctors and users rely on the AirSense 10 series whereas the ResMed AirSense™ 10 Autoset™ Automatic CPAP Machine (https://shop.resmed.com.au/resmed-airsense-10-autoset-auto-machine/ ) is one of the most commonly used around the world.

  • Two Air Pressure Machines

The two air pressure CPAP machines are bilevel and are designed for people who have trouble adjusting the airflow pressure. These machines have two pressure level settings, a higher pressure when the person is inhaling and a lower pressure when exhaling. This is done to improve breathing while sleeping.

  • Travel-Friendly Machines

Luckily, this brand have managed to design a travel-friendly CPAP machine that you can carry when travelling. The ResMed AirMini machine can provide you with the same benefits that a traditional machine can give you. This small package machine is one of the world’s smallest CPAP machine that weighs less than 450gr and can fit in the palm of your hand.

ResMed AirMini Travel Source: Tech Guide

How to Choose the Right Machine for You?

The easiest way to choose the right CPAP ResMed machine is to consult with your doctor. After you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, your doctor will prescribe you the right type of machine based on your personal needs.

How to Set Up Resmed CPAP Machine?

Generally speaking, all CPAP machines include a mask, tubing, a humidifier and a therapy machine. Ones you identify all parts, it’s time to set up the machine. Keep in mind that the machine needs to be placed on a flat and stable surface away from your bed.

How to Clean ResMed CPAP Tubing?

Cleaning your CPAP mask cushion, frame and headgear is extremely easy. All you need is a warm water, a mild soap, a clean towel and 5 minutes of your time. Once you have all the needed things, you can start cleaning your CPAP mask and tubing.

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How Do I Change the Pressure On My ResMed CPAP?

One thing is certain, not all people have the luck to adjust easily on this machine. Getting used to the feeling of air in your throat can be challenging, and the one thing you can do is to try to relax your breathing. You should try breathing as you do normally when you’re awake. If you still have difficulties, change the air pressure level according to the type of your ResMed machine.

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