What You Need To Know Before You Try Teeth Whitening

The busy lives we all leave today and hectic schedules we have, sometimes leave us with no other option then to neglect our health and personal care, in terms of daily habits and nutrition. Simply said, in the race to beat the time, we forget to pay enough attention to what we eat, thus great part of our nutrition is based on sugar and fatty foods which unfortunately are main culprits for discoloured teeth and not so radiant smile.

Teeth Whitening

According to dentists of Dental on Flinders, the effects of such a lifestyle become more visible as people age. The tobacco smoking, the coffee and the red wine drinking do nothing but stain teeth while sugar contributes to cavity which may lead to a tooth loss. The etchings on the tooth surface created by tear and wear are the proof of people’s unawareness that certain foods and drinks are responsible for discoloured teeth. Luckily, there is a way to get sizzling bright teeth again. Teeth whitening.

Today, teeth whitening is considered as the most-effective solution for reviving a smile. In fact, teeth whitening is a cutting edge procedure that over the years has become extremely popular in the aesthetic medicine. However, not everyone is a candidate for professional teeth whitening. If you are thinking of having your teeth professionally whitened, here are few things you should know about the procedure.

  • Teeth Whitening Is Not For Everyone – Some people are not recommended (even not allowed) to undergo this procedure. For example, pregnant and lactating women should avoid teeth whitening, since certain chemicals are used in the procedure. Same goes for people with peroxide allergies and too sensitive teeth.
  • Results Depend On The Condition Of Your Teeth – Yes, teeth whitening is an extremely effective procedure, but it does not do miracles. The truth is, the end results depend on the level of damage you have done to your teeth over the years. Experts say: ‘The better you have cared for your teeth, the greater the results’.
  • Side Effects Are Not An Exception – Another truth is that sometimes side effects can occur after whitening. Common side effects are pain and extreme sensitivity that usually happen in the first 24 hours after the procedure has been done. In such cases, pain reliever pills can help a lot in reducing the pain and helping you feel much better.

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