What You Should Know About Trundle Beds for Children

When you have more than two kids and a very limited space for separate bedrooms, the biggest problem is definitely not whether your kids can calmly play with each other in one room, but whether there will be enough space for them to have their own beds! It is a problem that can cause a real headache, because the only apparent solution would be to move to a bigger apartment or a new house, or to go on a renovation adventure for adding an extra floor for more bedrooms which could eventually cost as much as a new home.

Do not get in panic mode just yet, you still have an ace up your sleeve to save you from loans. Trundle beds for children! These are basically 2 in 1 beds that save you a lot of the space you don’t have in your kids’ bedroom. The market is full of various designs and colours, so when you decide to get your trundle beds for children, make sure you take your kids with you; they’ll get to pick the design they love the most, so you won’t have to deal with them not liking your pick later. But first things first: you need to get prepared before you hit the stores or start searching online for a trundle bed.

Trundle beds for children

What Exactly Is a Trundle Bed?

Taking up only space for one bed, trundle beds are basically two beds packed together so they look like one regular bed. The second bed is stored just under the first one, and it’s basically like a large drawer with a mattress placed in it. It’s perfectly comfortable; you just draw the lower drawer and you have a bed to lie on! since trundle beds double the sleeping capacity at night and reduce it by day, their main purpose is to save up space during the day.

Commonly Used Materials

There really isn’t anything special about the materials being used; they are the same ones that are also used for the making of standard beds. These beds can be either made from wood, metal, cast iron and others. What you choose eventually depends largely on the style the bedroom is designed in; if most of the elements are made of wood, then go for a wooden trundle bed, and if the scheme is directed more towards metal elements, go for a bed made of steel or cast iron.

The Mattress

For the upper bed, the mattress can be of any kind and of any thickness since there’s no height limitation for it. For the lower bed however, you should pay attention to the size; this mattress should be at least 23 – 25 centimetres thick, not more than that because you won’t be able to close the drawer. Ultimately that really depends on the depth of the drawer which is different for every bed, so always read product description before you make the final purchase.

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