Wave Goodbye to Expensive Organic Food


Let’s get some facts straight: eating healthy doesn’t mean you’re some unique freak who wants to show off and talk about the benefits of fruits and veggies. I really can’t understand why people these days are so divided on the topic of organic food: either you like it or you don’t, there’s no need for further philosophies. Everyone can eat whatever they want, at least we’re free to choose our own food. I really believe people should follow the needs and desires of their body, mind and soul and that way choose the best source of energy for themselves. For some it may be whole grains, salads or seeds and for others chocolate, hamburgers or french fries, but whatever you choose, make sure it gives you butterflies in the stomach.

As for my stomach, it’s the happiest when I feed it with fresh, healthy, organic food. However, I’m not saying I don’t eat vanilla filled donuts or delicious pepperoni pizzas anymore, I just try to ignore them as much as I can in my daily meals. So for months my visits to the supermarket consisted mostly of going to the organic veggies and fruits section and spending all my money without buying everything I had on my “things to buy” list. And I’m sure almost everyone has faced the eternal struggle of “Do I buy the organic apples or the regular ones?” Now I know the label “organic” seems more appealing (at least for me), but let’s face it: healthy food can be really expensive. Back in 2014, the Australian organic industry was estimated 1.7 billion Australian dollars and since then it’s grown by almost 10% a year. Although this means that Australians are beginning to take better care of their health, it also means that they are spending way more money on food than usual. It seems that this industry is one of the fastest growing food sectors in our country, which is a good thing, but healthy food should be available for everyone, right? That’s why exactly five months ago I decided to take the matters in my own hands and started my own “organic garden” project.

Heirloom Products

I started growing my own food for many reasons, but it all started because of the previously explained economy issues and spoiler alert: it definitely helped a lot! I found this amazing heirloom seeds Australia based shop that offers so many different flower, vegetables and fruits seeds. And boy oh boy the happiness that gave me my first ever home grown carrot! It was a little step for me but one giant leap for my wallet. I figured out it’s never too late to find out you’re good at something because my little backyard garden showed me that I’m a real farmer by heart. So as the weeks went by, my little garden turned into a big colorful home of all kinds of fruits and veggies. Now my backyard is filled with everything, from eggplants to coriander leaves and watermelons and it feels fantastic!

Thanks to the beginners-friendly packages of these heirloom seeds Australia can now grown its own food at home like a pro. Take me for example. I was a total newbie at the beginning and look at me now with my big fancy garden that has so many products to offer. Anyone can be a farmer, really, except if you’re a hardcore black thumb. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely need the help from a friend, your partner or the curious next door neighbor. So what do you prefer, spending a lot of money on healthy food or getting a bit messy and experience the beauty of a new life being born in your own backyard?

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