What Makes Recliners Ooze with Authority


Quick pop quiz – What’s the most iconic piece of furniture seen on TV shows, most commonly used by the cheeky elderly person? You guessed it, it’s the recliner chair. Have you ever wondered why it’s the old guy always sitting in it, dropping cheesy punchlines every time someone else says something? It’s really simple, he’s the authority in the house. Moreover, have you ever wondered why it’s precisely in the recliner he’s sitting on, and not on the sofa? Simply because it’s the most comfortable piece of furniture that exists.

Recliners can rotate in any position that’s most comfortable and relaxing for you. In the traditional models, when the armchair lays down, the footrest raises up as a result. And there are no adjustment limits on how much you want to recline.

A couple of decades ago, they were considered bulky and just a piece of furniture used by men to annoy their wives, similarly to how the old people annoy everyone in TV shows. However, nowadays, recliners are much more accepted by all members of the family. Being the therapeutic and relaxing pieces of furniture they are, they have become a signature piece in many living rooms around Australia.

Unfortunately for some, they are rather pricey and sometimes can cost as much as an entire couch. So because of this reason, it’s important for people to know what they’re looking for, and figure out what works best for them, as recliners are not something that many can afford to replace every few months.

For example, the materials it’s made from. A commonly used material for the covers is leather as it is sturdy, comfortable and classy. It comes in many different colours, and the most common choices used are black, white or brown. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to leather. If you’re a strong advocate against animal cruelty, you can go with faux-leather and make a statement.

Furthermore, decide on the features like armrest and footstool. The armrest can be made from wood, or it can be made from leather, just like the chair itself. If you want to rest your arms on a stiffer platform, go for wood, if not – just go for leather with added cushioning below it. The footstool is necessary if you choose to buy a recliner without a proper leg-rest, as you won’t be getting that recliner-ish comfort without it.

And last but not least, decide whether you want the recliner to have a massage and heating mechanism installed. This may seem appealing for some people, but I personally don’t like them. A massage mechanism will help you relax your muscles, but over time I found this feature very redundant and I barely ever turn it on, it just added to the cost of the recliner. But hey, different strokes for different folks!

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